Spooky Dollar Tree Flower Arrangement

Spooky Dollar Tree Flower Arrangement #halloween #spider #flower #decoration #spooky #centerpiece copy

The kids have been bugging me already about Halloween decorations. It think it's all of the candy displays in the grocery store that have tricked them into thinking Halloween is here but jeeze, we still have 5 weeks and personally I like to enjoy the fall decorations before jumping into Halloween.

Spooky Dollar Tree Flower Arrangement 7 #halloween #spider #flower #decoration #spooky #centerpiece

But I decided to cave in and we went to Dollar Tree to find some supplies for our first project. I found a silver vase, the flowers, and the spider rings there. The sparkly flower accent sticks were from JoAnn.

Spooky Dollar Tree Flower Arrangement #halloween  5 #spider #flower #decoration #spooky #centerpiece

I used black spray paint for the silver vase. I looked and looked and couldn't find a cheap black vase, so I decided this was just as easy. Then I cut the rings off the spiders and hot glued them into my flowers.

Spooky Dollar Tree Flower Arrangemen 9t #halloween #spider #flower #decoration #spooky #centerpiece

I tucked the sparkly accents into the arrangement to add a bit of fun. This lovely and spoooky decoration is sitting on our kitchen island, just waiting for Halloween! When do you start decorating for Halloween, because I feel like now seems so early!

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