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We have been so fortunate to be enjoying some great ski getaway weekends with our family. Being away from the house for a couple of days ensures I actually relax and enjoy quality family time and forget about all of our usual jobs and chores. After skiing, the kids like to hit the pool and I find a lovely spot to watch them and enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, reading.

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I am up for reading all sorts of genres and topics and I was excited to dive in to The Selection from Kiera Cass. It is the first book in The Selection Series. I like reading a good series and having the time to really invest and get to know the characters. Then I can just stay up too late and get lost while I binge read them all right in a row (which is totally what happened here!).

The Selection Series

The Selection is set in the future and chronicles the process of selecting a new princess for Prince Maxon. America Singer applies only to appease her family and possibly raise them from their low caste. She is shocked when she is chosen and has to say goodbye to her love Aspen and join 34 other girls at the palace for The Selection process. While the other girls have various motives, America shows her true self to Prince Maxon immediately and they become fast friends. Prince Maxon respects America's hometown love and they grow a deep and honest friendship.

I loved how their relationship grew slowly and honestly. In the beginning I thought there was no way America would ever be pulled from Aspen, but Prince Maxon's down to earth honesty slowly but surely sneaks into America's heart and mind. By the end of the book, America realizes she might just make an amazing princess and bring fairness and equality to her country. She certainly isn't ready to say goodby to Aspen, but she isn't ready to say goodbye to the palace, Maxon, or the possibility of becoming a princess.

More than the love story, I enjoyed learning about this future society. How did they end up in a monarchy, how does the caste system work, and how do these circumstances affect the citizens. America essentially sacrificed herself and her love to raise herself and family out of a low caste. She was also ready to sink to a lower caste for love. At the end of The Selection, America is happy to still be in the palace and ready to continue this journey with an open mind.

The Elite Book Cover

The second The Selection ended, I downloaded The Elite. America's journey in the palace continues and I just became more hooked as I read! I already finished the third book, The One and can't wait for the fourth book, The Heir to be released on May 5! This is a lighthearted romantic alternative to more intense young adult novels. It is great for a mother and daughter read because the romance is innocent and you do not need to worry about worrisome content for your teen.

Go get started on The Selection Series so you are ready for The Heir when it releases in just a few weeks. It is a great series for your vacation, spring, or summer break. You will be hooked-I promise!

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