Social Media Safety and #ShareAwesome

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My family lives way across the country and we try as hard as we can be involved each other's lives. It's hard with little kids growing and changing so quickly, but technology today offers so many wonderful opportunities to stay connected. I made a couple of adroable Back to School photo albums to share with all of our friends and family. I was sure to crop out street signs and our school name and turn off the locator on my phone as a safety measure for whoever may see my photo albums. Along with all of our sharing it is super important to remember to stay safe. As I looked back through some of my social media posts over the past few months, I realized I made some not so great choices and maybe shared too much.

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Read, "We aren't in our house. Why don't you come by and check it out. Our kids may or may not be there alone with a babysitter. Have fun!"

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