Wooden Pallet Dresser

I still had 6 wooden pallets in my garage from a neighbors sod delivery. They were super happy to get rid of the pallets so easily, but my husband wept as he said goodby to his garage parking space. (I'm exaggerating-kinda).
I was tired of hearing his crying, so I got to thinking and came up with a plan. With his eye on the prize (his parking space), he went to town sawing 3 pallets in half and removing all the boards from one side of each piece.
Then I was left with this.
I positioned the pallets so the sides with the boards removed were facing each other, to create larger openings.
Next, I used some plain jane metal brackets to attach the pieces together.
Then, I went K-Razy with the sander. I sanded and sanded and sanded. I had flashbacks from my pallet headboard.Then I realized I had to sand some more. I guess it's the trade off for the free wood.
THEN-you should
light coat polyurethane
a light sanding
another coat of poly
another light sanding
and ANOTHER coat of poly.

But, come on now, you don't really think I followed the directions now do you?

I slapped on three coats of this awesome Minwax water soluble (super easy clean up) polyurethane,

which I tinted with just a touch of my favorite medium walnut Minwax wood stain.

You are also supposed to wait 24 hours for each coat to dry, um yeah that would require patience.

But it turned out awesome anyway!


The rustic and industrial feel is a fun addition to the white vintagey furniture already in my bedroom (which I am going to show you next week!)


The baskets are all from Michael's (50% off this week).


I pretty much love it and even though we didn't "need" it, it is such an interesting addition to the space.


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  1. Katelyn Hall says:

    Oh…. my…. goodness…. cutest thing ever!!! I was shocked at how simple and amazing this project looked! I love everything about it! Of course, my husband didn't find it near as jaw dropping, but I was so excited! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Great project! I love the metal plates you added, it really gave it originality! Nice job!

  3. Maybe I missed it, but could you please write the dimensions because I want to see if it'd be able to fit where I'm thinking! Also, could you say how high it would be if you left off the top cubby? Thanks!

  4. What a wonderful project! Love it! Great job 🙂

  5. Kim, Where do you get your pallets? Everyone around here charges a lot for them. Your dresser is nothing short of amazing. I would love to try this, but no pallets 🙁

    • Oh jeeze, they are everywhere in Denver! My local ACE will save ’em for me. There are usually tons loaded up behind Lowes too and they don’t care if you take them either. I also see them on Craigslist free section pretty often. Thanks for the sweet compliment

  6. We live on a farm/ranch and have pallets, among other things, everywhere. My dtr has been wanting a new dresser. I think this is a fabulous idea…and practically free!! 🙂

  7. Deana Wendt says:

    I love these types of projects! I am also curious about the dimension.

  8. Where do you find your flat brackets? I may be seraching for the wrong thing, but these aren’t easy to find online.

  9. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club.

  10. Whoa. This would look amazing on a porch beside a garden!! 😀 This is lock in my head to go in my dream house when I ‘grow up.’ 🙂 Very clever!

  11. Fantastic! I have some pallets taking up space and was waiting until I found the right project for them, this might be it!

  12. Can’t wait to try this out! Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing, I have enjoyed your blog so much! Annie in NC

  13. Lily Ruth says:

    Great – a good idea.

  14. Love this idea! And can totally see building wood drawers for this! I regularly dumpster dive at a valve assembly plant that my cousin works at. I get ridiculous amounts of wood, and some of it is spectacular 1x10s and 1x12s!!

  15. I have a pile of of pallets out the side but this is a great idea for a bigger piece of furniture I can use for storage. Thank you!

  16. Tiffany says:

    Did you sand the entire peace or just the top?

  17. Love the look of this. I have several pallets that I’m itching to do something with, just haven’t decided on exactly what yet. Really like your storage idea, I could see using this in many places. You and your hubby did a fabulous job!

  18. I love this and I want my husband to make me one! 🙂

  19. Audree Lytle says:

    My husband’s shoes are always all over the place –no room in the closet. This is the perfect solution for me!

  20. jenny cabreja says:

    omg i love this Pallet Dresser, too bad is so hard to find them here in New York …

  21. stephanie stone says:

    Loveeee love this!
    What are the dimensions of the final dresser?
    And what size pallets did you use?
    Id love to make this for the end of my bed.

    • The dresser has sold, so I don’t have the exact dimensions. I used standard sized pallets though and that sucker was B-I-G. I would think it was about 1 1/2 feet wider than my queen sized bed.

  22. Would this be sturdy enough to put a TV on the top of it?

    • Oh YES! You could live on top of it. I had a tv and some decorative stuff on top of mine and had no worries about it giving way. The key is to reinforce all of the places the pallets connect.

  23. Amazing!!! Greeting from Wroclaw, Poland.

  24. I really loved this dresser. I’m Nicole and I’m a blogger intern with Mom’s Talk Network over at the householdhelper.com. I just wanted to let you know this inspired me so much I featured this project on my new post for the day.

  25. I totally love it! This is something you would see in Pottery Barn. So rustic and homey. Thanks for linking it up to Throwback Thursday! Kim

  26. This is an awesome idea and one that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Thanks so much for sharing your project at Throwback Thursday!

  27. I love pallet furniture and this is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


  28. Hey I just wanted you to know I love this and I am so making it , but I am using it for a entertainment center ,I can’t wait to see how it turns out !It will be my first project …………………Thanks for inspiring me ! Teresa

  29. Hello! This is awesome. Thanks for the idea!

    Did you tarnish or ‘stain’ the brackets? They don’t look as shiny in the end product as I would expect.

    Thanks again!

  30. Nice work, man. How do I make the finish smoother and shinier?


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