1. linda liddiard says:

    t find blog

    • I am sorry, for the time being my blog isn’t working with Internet Explorer. If you use a different browser (Ie: Firefox) it works fine.

  2. kim- where’s the link for doing the fans with ModPodge?
    Have you thought of having a SEARCH bar? I tried 3 spots, no dice..
    direction please?

  3. Can’t find anything on the cookie cutter snowman for the front door. Could you help me, please

  4. marianne says:

    Need the plans to the upholstered bed frame that was on your site from reclaimed wood please make a girl happy for fathers day

    • Girl; there are no plans! I just covered a piece of plywood with foam and fabric and attached with staple gun. Screwed that directly into the wall. Then used old fence posts cut and screwed directly into the wall.

  5. Please, If was possible, I would like to see the tutorial of Diaper Box Revamp. Step by step. Thank you so much.

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