Top 5 Things Our Schools Need

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I am VERY passionate about our schools, our teachers, and education. In my past life, I was an elementary school teacher and my heart will always be there. I am very fortunate to work from home now and have the opportunity to be involved in our school and school district. I see first hand the struggles and needs and do my best to help as much as I am able.

One thing that never seems to change from all of the schools I have been in, is schools always need supplies. Books, computers and tablets, art supplies, gym equipment, etc. There is always something! I wish I could just write a check for everything our school needs and relieve some of the burden, but that is not feasible for me.  So we look for creative ways to support our students and teachers and I am so happy to share our favorites with you today!

You have to check out this hilarious video from Hefty sharing teachers feelings! What has your teacher never said? Mine would be,

"I have way too many volunteers and help in my classroom. We definitely do not need any more parental support!!" #saidnoteacherever

Hefty is the only trash bag that supports Box Tops for Education and we are happy to support them. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents and schools can earn up to $20,000 per year by snipping them from tons of popular products.

Top 5 Things Your Schools Need


Your time, your help, your support. Helping in the classroom, volunteering for field trips and at fundraising events, and even at home projects are a huge help to kids and teachers!

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2 Books

We clear out our old, in good condition, books and donate them to needy schools. I always browse through the book department at thrift stores too and grab good quality books to share.

3 Supplies

Pencils, folders, paper, crayons, and markers all seem to get used up quickly. When I was a kid all of those items were supplied for us, but today most schools do not have funds to purchse them. And if the parents are not doing it guess who is? Yup, our teachers are using way too much of their own money to create supportive and quality learning environments!


4 Technology

Face it, our kids need to be technologically savvy to be successful in thier future careers. I am not suggesting you personally go purchase these itmes for your school, but there are LOTS of places to find money and get donations for these crucial items. Grant writing, soliciting donations from local businesses in exchange for ad space in monthly newsletters, or organizing a school fundraiser to raise money are just a few ways you can help!


5 Box Tops

How easy to choose products that have Box Tops, like Hefty and snip them to be droped off at your school. Our school has a bin right in the entrance and offers contests for the classrooms who bring in the most Box Tops. My kids are now Box Top hounds! If your school isn't involved in the program maybe you can start it up!

Of course every school is different and has unique needs. Even if you do not have extra money to purchase itmes there are so many ways you can help make your school more successful. So the best thing for you to do is JUST ASK!

"Is there anything you really need or want for your classroom?"

"Are any of your students without necessary supplies?"

"Can I write a grant to help you earn new technology for your school?"

And really, the easiest thing you can do is snip those Box Tops! Don't throw all of those dimes into the trash. They add up and can make a real difference in the quality of education for our children!

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