Team USA Olympics Pallet Sign

Truth be told, those who know me really well, know my dirty little secret....

I don't like LOVE the Olympics.

Please, don't hate me or stop reading my blog or anything! It isn't the Olympics per say, it is all the commercialization of the Olympics. I love America, and have serious respect for the athletes and what they go through and give up to actually get to the Olympics.

Hope I haven't lost all of your respect:)

Well, now the world knows and I can rest assured I won't be outed at an ill opportune time-hehe

I had scrap pallet wood leftover from this sign and I decided to use those stragglers.

I just started cutting and drilling and when it came together it reminded me of a flag.

Not a usual flag, but it was "flag-ish."

I LOVE the imperfections and I am surprised that my

inner patriotism came out when I wasn't even looking for it!

I am having a bunch of fun watching my kids get into the different events. My son is intrigued with the men's diving-who knew?

As most little girls, my daughter is loving women's gymnastics.

Hope everyone is getting their Olympics on!

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  1. Love it Kim!

    Angie (watching Gabby on the bars now!)

  2. That turned out great.

  3. I’m Canadian and cheering for different athletes, but your sign is great!

  4. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on your blog. I follow through my email (I don’t have a blog….now I’m ‘outted’) and really enjoy everything you do! Can’t wait for BH&G to come out with your pics! So anyway, just wanted to say, I love everything about you and your blog!

    And thanks!

  5. I LOVE the Olympics…but not this year…too many sponsors, too many professional athletes…and too many uniforms in sparkly princess colors. And we have been watching a lot of Olympics…the kids love it (and I still like watching….the coverage this year is lame too) BUT I do love the USA and this sign is great! I love Americana decor.

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