Rustic Holiday Mantle

My holiday style is simple and rustic and I am loving this easy mantle I put together this year. I found the garland for half off at Hobby Lobby and am planning on snagging more for next year at the after Christmas sale. I love the pine cones and natural feel. There is that old ... continue reading

Upcycled Christmas Tree Art

I am playing a little game and it's called' "How many projects can I make from ONE scrapped fence?" So far I am up 9, including this rustic little number. I am not sure anyone else wants to play this game with me, but hey, I am open for more players if you are in. ... continue reading

DIY Message Center

If you follow along here at Too Much Time, you know my husband gave me free rein to decorate his office. It was a BLANK SLATE. We decided on an industrial chic theme which totally blends in with style going on in the rest of the building. Here are the first and second projects I ... continue reading

I Used That Old Fence Again

Man, are you sick of this old fence yet? Shelves   Headboard  Family Art   Curtain Rod  Airplane Art  Frame He He, me neither. My husband however, thinks I am nutty for keeping that old, splintered, dangerous wood laying around our garage. Even though he likes the projects I come up with, he is convinced one ... continue reading

DIY Family Art Using an Old Fence

Ahhh yes, the old fence again. I know what you're thinking, "Isn't that dang thing gone yet?" No, Ms. Smartie Pants and even after this project I still have a bunch left. My recommendation to you is that if you see someone throwing away a beat up and weathered old fence, TAKE IT AND RUN! ... continue reading

My New Wall- Royal Design Studio Stencil

Ok, this actually turned out even cooler than I had pictured it in my head! The lovely folks at sent me a super fun stencil to try out and I had a terrific experience. I am pretty new to stenciling and still working up me nerve to tackle an entire wall, but these stencils may ... continue reading

Rustic Stenciled Curtains – Stenciling 101

I am a novice at stenciling. I have done a few little ones here and there, but they usually get all smeary and I end up painting over it or trashing the project. So, when Cutting Edge contacted me about trying one their stencils I jumped at the chance. You see, I needed to learn ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Old Fence or Amazing Headboard?

"That wood? Right there? With all the splinters and rusty broken nails sticking out of it? You are going to use that for a headboard?" Um, yeah... "I don't think that's what you want to use for a headboard." Tell me I can't do something and look at what happens! I even mounted our bedside ... continue reading

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Back a few months ago a nice man took down his fence and posted it on Craigslist for free. I loaded up the kids, drove over there as fas as I could and filled up the trunk of my Subaru. I used the wood for this piece of art   but the rest has just ... continue reading

FREE Airplane Wall Art

  I love Craigslist! A lovely man tore down his fence and listed it for free on Craigslist. I went over and completely loaded up. Filled the Subaru up to the roof with the stuff. Yay! I have enough weathered wood to last for a year! I briefly mentioned and toyed with the idea of ... continue reading