Get Schooled Saturday #8 – The Family Cookbook Project

  "1-2-3-4-Get your booty on the floor...Ain't no party like a west coast party, cuz a west coast party don't stop..."If you think I am going to run out of these party song lyrics any time soon you don't know me very well. And, oh by the way, we don't have a parent advisory here-so ... continue reading

Snazzy Little High Chair

I feel like I spend weeks and weeks on pinterest collecting ideas and then for one random week I go crazy copying ideas.  Check out this little number I found a few weeks ago! I KNOW! It is so so so cool, unique, and fun! So look what I did with that inspiration. I apologize ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Old Fence or Amazing Headboard?

"That wood? Right there? With all the splinters and rusty broken nails sticking out of it? You are going to use that for a headboard?" Um, yeah... "I don't think that's what you want to use for a headboard." Tell me I can't do something and look at what happens! I even mounted our bedside ... continue reading

Hipster Chairs

Check out my retro lookin, 1970's feelin, hipster chairs. Each chair was $2.99 and they looked lovely in the torn blue vinyl they were sportin before I went to town them. I painted them both black and then distressed them a bit. I stenciled both of the back rests. I found some super fun 70's ... continue reading

Rockin New Dresser

This funky little fella was supposed to go to the shop and be sold, but I decided to keep it because I fell in love! "Huh?" you say. Well it didn't still look like that after I got my paint splattered hands on it! I found this photo on Pinterest from Julia at 551 Designs ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Save the Big Wooden Spools

I know jealousy is a terrible quality, however I have been sweating all of the electrical and cable spool upcycles I have seen around blog town lately. I was so sad, because I have no access to them, never see them lying about, don't have any connection to big electrician or cable installers. Well, lookee ... continue reading

Little Blue Dresser Updo

This lady had been sitting around all white and boring for A-WHILE! So, I decided to spruce her up with some blue accents, some distressing, and chunky pulls. I like the wavy curves on the bottom. And the scrolly trim between the drawers. I am becoming an addict...a furniture refinishing, life saving, upcycling, redoing addict. ... continue reading

Lovely Little Cloche

I don't have a whole lot to say about this sweet little piece. It was plain wood and I used my homemade chalk paint to spruce up the bottom. I used vintage sheet music to make paper flowers to fill it with. Those flowers have gotten soooo much easier to make and I only had ... continue reading

An Easy and Cheerful Serving Tray

I grabbed a bunch of metal serving trays a few weeks back and found lots of inspiration pieces for this lovely little number. First, I sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer....this stuff is truly indispensable to me.  Then the tray got 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Painters Touch spray paint in Green Apple-super duper bright! ... continue reading