Quickie Halloween Decoration

Every darn time I go to the store I just can't resist the cute and teeny tiny gourds and pumpkins!  Am I the only one, or are some of you in my boat? These look like pumpkins but are some type of gourd and they are such an interesting shape. I brought home a little ... continue reading

Acorn Mason Jar Lanterns

My kids are collectors and gatherers. We have boxes of rocks, sticks, dried up leaves, and found treaseures like broken boat rudders and stripped watches. Do any of you have a garage overflowing with "junk?" I will take any chance I get to actually use the treasures we find in a cute way...and other times I ... continue reading

BOO Halloween Mason Jars

That darn turquoise pumpkin really got me on a turquoise Halloween kick! I don't even usually decorate much for Halloween, but this year I have really done a lot of projects. It should keep the kids happy for a few years, I hope! I spray painted these jars black and when I found the stickers ... continue reading

Upcycled Brown Paper Bag Spider Webs

If you caught Main Ingredient Monday this week you may have seen this addition to my Halloween Paper Craft collection. I was trying to make some of these spider webs with black plastic trash bags and it was a disaster. The plastic was so staticy and tangled and I kept ripping it. When I saw ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday- 20 Halloween Paper Crafts

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects I love paper crafting! It is such an inexpensive way to add some fun to your home. With halloween coming up, I decided to try a few with my kids and was so excited to finds tons ... continue reading

Spooky Halloween Chalkboard Art

I absolutely LOVE this giant chalkboard in my kitchen. But it has been A WHILE since I did a good seasonal chalk art project. I have always loved this quote and was happy to find so many inspirations on Pinterest. It's a lot of copying and erasing and copying again. It is getting easier though ... continue reading

Blinged Out Turquoise Faux Pumpkin

Hands down, my favorite Halloween craft I have ever done. A few years ago, I did some creative decorating on real pumpkins and then realized how silly that was! They lasted the fall season, but then were thrown away. I hate it when I do stuff like that!  I WAS NOT going to make that ... continue reading

Upcycled Shutter Halloween Decor

Last year I found this 2 pack of old plastic shutters at the thrift store. Last summer I turned one into a fiun flag decoration, but the other one has  been hanging out in my garage. I decided to make a little vertical hanging "BOO" sign for Halloween, but everywhere I hung it looked lame. ... continue reading

Spooky Spider Candles $1.25 each

Easiest and quickest Halloween decoration ever! I was talking the other day about my poor kids were dying for Halloween. I get it-I like candy too. But honestly, it is not my favorite holiday. You won't catch me dressing up or draping cobwebs in my house from ceiling to floor. It's one of those things ... continue reading

Spooky Dollar Tree Flower Arrangement

The kids have been bugging me already about Halloween decorations. It think it's all of the candy displays in the grocery store that have tricked them into thinking Halloween is here but jeeze, we still have 5 weeks and personally I like to enjoy the fall decorations before jumping into Halloween. But I decided to ... continue reading