Snazzy Little High Chair

I feel like I spend weeks and weeks on pinterest collecting ideas and then for one random week I go crazy copying ideas.  Check out this little number I found a few weeks ago! I KNOW! It is so so so cool, unique, and fun! So look what I did with that inspiration. I apologize ... continue reading

Hipster Chairs

Check out my retro lookin, 1970's feelin, hipster chairs. Each chair was $2.99 and they looked lovely in the torn blue vinyl they were sportin before I went to town them. I painted them both black and then distressed them a bit. I stenciled both of the back rests. I found some super fun 70's ... continue reading

Rockin New Dresser

This funky little fella was supposed to go to the shop and be sold, but I decided to keep it because I fell in love! "Huh?" you say. Well it didn't still look like that after I got my paint splattered hands on it! I found this photo on Pinterest from Julia at 551 Designs ... continue reading

Little Blue Dresser Updo

This lady had been sitting around all white and boring for A-WHILE! So, I decided to spruce her up with some blue accents, some distressing, and chunky pulls. I like the wavy curves on the bottom. And the scrolly trim between the drawers. I am becoming an addict...a furniture refinishing, life saving, upcycling, redoing addict. ... continue reading