Shakespere My New Decorating Partner

A few weeks ago I did a Main Ingredient Monday post about projects to do with book pages.

This one really jumped out at me

and I decided to use it and create my own version.

I had a devil of a time getting the silhouettes printed. I used spray adhesive and attached the book pages to copy paper and guess what?

I got that darn sticky adhesive all over the copy paper, thought it was no biggie, threw it in my printer and proceeded to jam it and sort of break it....UGH!!!!!

My printer kinda works ...I just have to jam and finagle the paper into the slot and even then it still sometimes won't really feed. But who cares, right? I have all the time in the world to sit next to it while it prints and load and feed sheets through one at a time...

OK-Back to our regular scheduled programming.....

I cut up a piece of wood lingering in our garage (from the "cheapie" scrap pile at Home Depot) I sanded the boards, painted them black and then "Hamptons" blue from the new Kensington line at Ace. Which is the most gorgeous and lovely blue in the UNIVERSE!

Then I roughed the boards up with sandpaper and Mod Podged the book pages to my boards.

Oh, yeah, I used an old  Shakespere book for my prints. The pages are all yellowed and red around the edges...just lovely!

I drilled holes through the tops and attached some wide black ribbon for hanging. And I am loving the little guys! EVEN though the tore my printer to shreds....


Don't let any spray adhesive bits anywhere near the innards of your printer

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  1. That has the awesomeness of a thousand suns! I must do it. But, I don’t have much wall space left. Hmmm, gifts maybe? I am Linky following!

  2. Great job! Those are awesome! I may have to try this too! ~ Barbara

  3. Awesome Idea!!!! Love it!!! Sorry about your printer!

  4. O.M.G. *Swoon* I abso-stinkin’-lutely LOVE these! I am totally copying you. I will post back to you if I do.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration.
    Love your Blog!!
    Jen @ Noting Grace

  5. These are awesome! I think I might try it using a harry potter book for a friend’s birthday gift.

  6. These are so awesome! I’m going to try this with my stamps instead of printing – thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  7. Great idea and you make it seem easy to do. We loved having you come to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We hope you’ll be back again soon! -The Sisters

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