Rolled Book Page & Burlap Garland

Rolled Book Page and Burlap Garland 1 copy

I have been a book page crazy person this past week!

This is one of the garlands I made, and I am loving it on my neutral, calm, and peaceful mantle. I suppose I should be sprucing for Easter, adding bunnies and all that, but I think Larry pretty much takes care of business being cool up there and I am not sure how a bunny would stand up to him.

Rolled Book Page and Burlap Garland 3 copy

I have about a bajillion old books from here and there and took a few

(Life of Pi being one-yeah I did it-I hated that book and figured this way I could actually enjoy it:)

to create this masterpiece. I tore each page into fourths and then rolled each piece into a little cone. I then punched a hole in the middle and used a plastic needle to string it on a 6 foot piece of jute.

Rolled Book Page and Burlap Garland 4 copy

Then I cut some small pieces of burlap and tied them throughout the garland. I like the messy, torn feel and difference of each piece. Next time, I will use some books that have more variance in color and look more weathered. This piece ended up being pretty monochromatic even though I used 3 different books.

Rolled Book Page and Burlap Garland 2 copy

I made two other garlands and some cool wreaths using these tutorials and  I will be sharing next week.

Anyone else into book pages lately or having fun chopping up some books you didn't like? I am always looking for new book page projects and would love for you to share!

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  1. So cute Kim! I love to use old book pages – I love the rolled up book pages for garland! CUTE!!

  2. Might not have ever made anything with book pages but you’ve sure inspired me to get started. Wow, these are all such great ideas and projects and so easy. (Maybe). I’ll see how well I can get these old hands to roll those little bits of paper into cones.
    I got some burlap ribbon at HL 1/2 off that has curliques on it all the way. Loved that burlap ribbon. I got some chevron burlap ribbon 1/2 off couple weeks ago. They have different colors of the chevron on it. HL even has burlap ribbon with French script on it. Oh heavens so many fun things to make.
    I’m getting so excited thinking of all the great projects I can make with burlap and book pages. Yeahoo. So glad you shared these wonderful doable projects. So glad I found your blog recently. Happy Days Kim

    • Jane Ellen, these book page projects really are easy. I need to go check out the burlap ribbon at HL! Chevrons sounds so cool!

  3. I love anything with book pages!

  4. Very pretty. I like the burlap with your pages. The only things I’ve done so far with pages was a paper and wire wrapped beaded bracelet. (I made a tutorial for the bead on my blog for the paper and wire wrapped beads). I see so many neat projects that use burlap and book pages. I have pages that I’ve recently aged so I’m ready to go. Thank you for sharing your cute garland project.

  5. Oh I love it… And I have to admit, I’m totally obsessed with book page things! Oh and you dear head… to die for – the hubby would love it!

    • HaHa, I love that head! My husband thinks its kinda nutty, but he is pretty tolerant of all my whims and projects, thank goodness:)

  6. This goes perfectly in this nook! I love it! I also applaud the idea of getting some use out of a book you didn’t like. I have some of those! Can’t wait to make the garland and wreaths.

    I just emailed you so you’d have my cell and email. When you are getting ready to start, call me about some particulars on re-creating that dresser, or we can Skype if visuals are better.

  7. Kim
    I love it! I made a wreath using this rolling technique. I might have to try this!
    I found you today from the Linky Party at Liz Marie, where I’m #99. I hope you stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  8. Love this! Larry looks fantastic! Life to the full, Melissa

  9. Hello, I’d love to have you come share your post at Show and Tell Saturday #6 at Sassy Little Lady!


  10. Wow! these wreath is so cute. I have been working with old pages over the weekend. Creating some flowers. Maybe I will mix it up with some burlap.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Super cute! I need to get some books I can take apart :o) Have you linked up to Tasteful Tuesday yet?

  12. I love that, Kim! I’ve always loved book page wreaths but haven’t made one and this is such a cute idea for more book page projects! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Roeshel! I am pretty much in a current book page obsession and I need a 12 step program to get out of it:)

  13. A great look that wouldn’t take a LOT of skill or money. 😀 Thanks for sharing your creativity this week. Such great photos too.

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