Rockin New Dresser

This funky little fella was supposed to go to the shop and be sold,
but I decided to keep it because I fell in love!
"Huh?" you say.
Well it didn't still look like that after I got my paint splattered hands on it!
I found this photo on Pinterest from Julia at 551 Designs and it became my goal!
(I LOVE every bit of her design style and you must check her out!)
Julia named him Winston
However, I spent $15.99 on the dresser, so I was determined (and cheap) to work magic without buying anything and only using supplies I had on hand.
Here is what he looks like in my bedroom today.


I knocked off all of those brass medallions and
painted the brass strip between the drawers.
Lovin it with the leftover knobs from my son's dresser.


It has taken the place of the pallet dresser because I am selling that beast! My husband informed that if I was keeping this new guy I HAD to get rid of something.

He also looked at this for about 46 seconds in silence and then came out with, "I guess I just don't get the worn out thing?" His decorating sense is SOOOO 2002.

It looks awesome with my new headboard that I'm going to reveal next Thursday on Earth Day Thursday- I used ALL reclaimed materials to build it:)
I'm totally in love with him!
(This week anyway)

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  1. You've been busy- that dresser is totally Rockin! Way to go girl!
    🙂 Samantha

  2. Love it! My husband cannot grasp wanting anything to look old and used, either. It must be a girl thing. 🙂

  3. Love your version of the dresser! Great job.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just love it – I'm trying to overcome the fear of painting something fun on my furniture! This is great inspiration.

  5. very nice!

  6. What a great dresser, I love the detailed lines on it and the what you have done has just finished it off perfectly

  7. I'm lovin' it!


  8. It looks fantastic! I love what you did!

  9. Love it, my daughter would love one of these with a union jack on it!

  10. Cute! It reminds me of my Maple Leaf dresser. (And my husband the amazing DL didn't get it either, until I started making a nice little pile of money by 'upcycling.')

  11. I love how the dresser came out, the colors are baeutiful!

  12. It's awesome! I love red! It's a pain to paint with so far for me, so I'm even more impressed that you went for it!

  13. Love it! I just did a Union Flag on my son's dresser and I'm in love with it.

  14. LOVE!! This is seriously cool!

  15. Wow…that is so great!

  16. It looks great! I have a few pieces I did, that I just can't give up too 🙂 Well Done!

  17. Bold move but it paid off! Be proud of yourself 🙂

  18. Very cool dresser! You are hilarious in your profile, you sound like me, but I have
    5 kids…..I am a fight club referee….

  19. Love Love Love! This is gorgeous!

  20. Looks great! I love it!

  21. It turned out awesome! I love the texture on the wood. Thank you for the shout out too!

  22. I love it…then again, I love just about everything you do!

  23. I actually like both versions. The old one is very nice and comfortable; the new one is pretty rad.

  24. Wow! That is so fabulous! You did a fantastic job…I'm so so glad you shared this at Shine On Fridays this week! How is it possible that I've never seen your awesome blog before? I'm looking forward to browsing through some of your other great ideas too! Have a great week!

  25. Beautiful job!!!!

  26. i love it! I'm currently obsessed with dressers at the moment {amongst other things}, on the hunt for some for the boys!
    you should join me for Handmade 52

  27. Love it! Won't you consider sharing with my readers at ?



  28. Loving this and featuring it on Hating Martha on Saturday! Cause your project rocks!

  29. Awesome…you did a fab job recreating that dresser. Pinning it to the Tickled Pink feature board!

  30. Great job.

  31. I love it! I think I like the black better than the original with the brown. Great job and very inspiring!

  32. I love it! This dresser is cordially invited to my party tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  33. This is really cute! Would love to have you come share it in our DIY Link-it-Up Party this weekend. Found it over on HoH!

  34. Very cool! LOVE it! I am having a Feature Friday Linky Party and would love for you to link up.

  35. isn’t julia totally talented? love her work…. and i love yours, too, after perusing your site! the knob placement on this is perfection!

  36. great job!

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