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For the past few months, I have been sharing our journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We have been focusing on eating well, staying active, using essential oils as a first line of defense, and also exploring homeopathic options for our natural medicine cabinet. Our family has the usual aches, pains, and issues as most others, but we also have some specific concerns we focus on on a daily basis. My son, Everett, and I both struggle with anxiety and he also has Sensory Processing Disorder. It is just heartbreaking to watch your sensitive, loving, and sweet child at odds with the world and fighting against all of the stimuli coming at him. We have not had to turn to prescription medicines and have been fortunate to control our health using only natural remedies. Time outside in nature feels to be the most healing and restorative thing we all do to nurture our bodies and minds, but we can't always be running free through the wilderness. There are a few items I never leave home without and today I want to share this amazing little secret with you all. It has been a tremendously effective support in Everett feeling balanced and his happy self!


We were introduced to RESCUE products a few years ago from the occupational therapist was my son was seeing. I had never heard of the brand, but was open to trying almost anything to help my son feel better and help our whole family be more harmonious. We started using the RESCUE Remedy on my son and eventually myself. Last, year I saw the RESCUE Pastilles at my local CVS (they are also available at Whole Foods, Walgreen's or Sprouts) and knew they would be the perfect solution for us on the go.

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RESCUE Pastilles are a homeopathic blend of flower essences discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930's. He created blends of flower essences to combat common ailments naturally and they still work today. There are varieties for kids, adults, and even pets. RESCUE Pastilles are wonderful for everyday stresses and common anxiety provoking situations. These lightly sweet pastilles taste great and my kids think they are candy even though they are sugar and alcohol free.

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Everett takes one every morning before school and immediately when he gets home from school. We also do one after dinner in hopes to keep the chaos of bedtime to a minimum. When tempers escalate and situations become heated, we ALL take one. One Pastille contains one dose of RESCUE Remedy. Everyone involved in the situation benefits from the calming and relaxing feelings the RESCUE Pastilles promote.

While RESCUE Pastilles effectively support our specific needs with Everett's diagnosed conditions, they are also wonderful for all of our day to day stresses. Every time I visit my social media, I read a post about someone feeling stressed out, dealing with a difficult situation, or fighting anxiety about their life. RESCUE Pastilles will help support all of those issues and can naturally and effectively calm you down. The handy little tin goes right in my purse and we have it if anything pops up. From a back seat sibling argument to a grocery store meltdown I feel like these always help us all settle down. In fact, I am usually the one who still has high blood pressure after a giant tantrum, the kids seem to shake it right off. How is that fair?

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In addition to the RESCUE Pastilles there are other amazing products to help with stress, sleep, and just feeling great! I recently purchased the RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts. I don't often have sleep issues, but I am happy to know these are in my natural medicine cabinet when someone in my home needs them. One dissolvable capsule contains 4 drops of RESCUE Sleep and can be used right before bed and throughout the night as needed. This doctor developed product is gentle and non habit forming with no side effects!

I am curious to know if all of you have tried RESCUE products and what you do to balance our modern stressful lives. We could always use more tips to try and keep our family and this little one feeling great! Be sure to grab this coupon so you can pick up your favorite RESCUE product next time you are out!


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