Pumpkin Pie Recipe Chalk Art

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I found this great Pumpkin Pie Recipe Chalk Art Printable and wondered if I would be able to replicate it on my HUGE kitchen chalkboard. I have to say I was skeptical and kind of put off trying even though I love doing these chalk art projects. This was just pretty darn ambitious for a novice like me, but finally had a free day last Wednesday and just dove in.

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I have to say, I was most excited about how the little pumpkin and pie part turned out. There was definitely a LOT of erasing and redoing and erasing and redoing on this one. I had a tough time centering it and tried to just make it work.

photo 2

I redrew that "mix together" four times...four times! But I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I am already starting thinking about what to do for Christmas. Last year I made this one and I need something different for this year!  Any suggestions or ideas????


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  1. It came out amazing!

  2. This is wonderful! And the chalkboard itself is just gorge! I really like it’s rustic frame! Great job!!

    I found your blog on Blogher! I so love everything on here! Very happy new follower!

    • Amanda! I am so happy you’re here and thanks for the sweet comment! I used an old fenced to make that chalkboard for next to nothing and it is maybe my favorite thing in our home. So glad you have you!

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