Personalized Journals

Last Saturday morning, my daughter and I realized that she had a birthday party that afternoon and she INSISTED on making something,

SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-DUPER Crafty as part of the gift.

I just don't know where she gets it from?!?!

So as I ransacked my craft supplies I uncovered a few blank journals I had purchased from Pick Your Plum a while back. We decided our 5 year old Birthday Girl, would love her own journal!

We chose sunny and bright paper for our joyful birthday girl.

Holden helped with all the cutting, gluing, and washi tape wrapping! Not bad for a 5 year old!

Then I decided to decorate the other 2 while we were at it.

The washi tape with words came from Hobby Lobby and the rest was also from Pick Your Plum.

I was thinking about giving them away, but when I finished them I was compelled to restart my own journal.

So these will stay with me:)

The washi tape around the pens is finicky and keeps peeling up at the edges, so I am going to Mod Podge it down.

Not so bad for a total last minute, fly by the seat of our pants project!

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  1. So cute! Love what you have done to them. BTW, why don’t I have a notebook with a handle? That would be so practical! xo Anja

  2. Really cute!

  3. LOVE them! Good job Holdy!!

  4. Those turned out great!

  5. blurooferika says:

    Darling project, Kim. And I’m so jealous that your daughter loves to craft with you. My two boys won’t come near my crafting table unless I bribe them with candy. Not the same vibe at all.

  6. jill orcutt says:

    Hey Kim,
    I just found you and enjoyed your blog. I went to Pick Your Plum to order some of these small journals. I must say I got a bit ‘confused’ by the site. I clicked on something about crafts and ended up on an ‘auction’ site. I’m feeling rather stupid at the moment!! Can you help me out? All I want to do is order some of the journals and the word Washi tape. Thanks alot.


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