Paper Pinwheel Wreath Tutorial

Paper Pinwheel Wreaths from Too Much Time on My Hands 8 copy

I am feeling springey! Maybe it is just wishful thinking because every few days we get chilly and snow, but then we get random 65 degree days thrown in that have me dreaming of easy afternoons at the park and sitting on my porch in the sunshine! How are you making it through this brutal winter? It is hard to keep your spirits up when all you see is gray and your skin hurts the second you walk outside.

I had this super cute scrapbook paper for a while. I loved it but didn't really know what to do with it, since I don't really scrapbook. I just can't resist adorable's a problem really.

Paper Pinwheel Wreaths from Too Much Time on My Hands Square copy

I love wreaths on our front door, but anything with hot glue dissolves when the afternoon sun beats on our door. Summer temps inside our doors have pinned the thermometer at 140 degrees! I knew I needed to make something using push pins and Spring has been on my mind. What screams Spring more than breezy pinwheels? They are so easy to make too. I made all three of these wreaths in 2 hours. I didn't measure anything and they still all look great.

How to make fast and easy paper pinwheels from too Much Time on My Hands copy

1. I used 6 by 6 inch paper

2. Cut a straight line from each corner toward the center of your square. I just opened the scissors as far as it would go and cut once

3. Poke a hole in the center (ish) of your square. If you are more detail oriented than I am, you can measure:)

4. Punch a small hole in each of the four corners- 4 holes total - one per side

5. Take a small brad and push it through one hole

6. Bend over the corner

7. Pull up the next corner under the first and insert that hole through the brad.

8. Go around pulling up all 4 corners and then push the brad through the hole you poked in the center and secure.

Paper Pinwheel Wreaths from Too Much Time on My Hands 5 copy

For some reason, I was thinking my styrofoam wreath form was bigger and I made a ton of pinwheels. Since I had three  wreath forms, I just decided to make three while I was in my pinwheel zone. I wrapped the forms with strips of cheap black scrap fabric and used push pins to attach the pinwheels.

Paper Pinwheel Wreaths from Too Much Time on My Hands 6 copy

Now, I only need one for my front door so two of these are looking for good and caring homes. I am trying to decide which two of my friends could use a big smile!

Paper Pinwheel Wreaths from Too Much Time on My Hands 7 copy

I would love to hear about what you are doing to get reay for spring and stay light during this late winter season!

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  1. These are great! I’m pinning! What am I doing during the late winter? I live in Arizona. Need I say more? Enjoying temps in the 70’s and 80’s! Sorry. I shouldn’t gloat! Dona

    • You are so mean, Dona! Just kidding. We have been having huge swings here in Denver. Snow, but then a few days of 60 degrees each week, so I am not complaining:)

  2. I’ve been looking for a spring door idea–this just might do the trick. I might look for green prints for St. Pat’s Day, but then leave it up until the spirit moves me to do something else. We live in Northern Illinois where the snow is still really deep, so flowers just seem out of place. Hoping for a thaw during the next few days.

  3. It is balmy in both your places. We still have -2 degrees in the morning. I’m ready to move. Looking for something fun and easy for 3rd graders to do.

  4. Those are adorable!! With the wind that we are getting here in the mountains of AZ, it might blow away, though. :/ Love it!!

  5. These are so cute! Found you on the SCBH.

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