Paper Doll Halloween Tree

I seriously LOVE this Halloween Tree. It was so easy, cost next to nothing, and is so fun and original!

A while back I did a post on free downloadable paper dolls. The other day my daughter dug out one of the sheets I had printed for her and I started thinking about different ways to use them. I decided I wanted to make gift tags with the Christmas themed Dolls from here. Then as I was breezing through the entire collection this Halloween page caught my eye.

I mindlessly cut them out while I chatted on the phone with my Pop-Pop (man that guy can talk!). Then I just looked at them for a couple of days until the light bulb went off.


I was looking for Christmas ornament hooks to do the hanging, but I stumble upon some black and white paper clips I had purchased from the clearance section at JoAnn's a few weeks ago and they were perfect.

Then I wrapped an old glass milk jug in burlap which I received from my friends at Burlap Fabric.Com.  (Check out tons of burlap projects here) I snagged a bunch of sticks from my son's ridiculous stick collection and hung all these cute lil pieces on the "tree."

These old school paper dolls from McCall's are just too sweet. I am definitely going to be using others from the entire collection in the future. For now, my lil " Halloween Tree" is hanging out in my dining room.

I like that it isn't over the top "Halloweeny." Just enough to feel the spirit but not be knocked over the head with it:)

Now, I would LOVE to know how you would use these adorable free paper dolls in your crafty projects! Please share!

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  1. how cute is that, kim! love it!

  2. That is so fun! and cute!

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