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Back to School-YAY!

My kids are in First and Third grades and so happy to be back with friends, in their routine, and learning again. My son works really  hard to stay on task and focus while at school and while at home. As a former first grade teacher and now that I run in lots of different parent circles, I am hearing the same from so many other parents. Kids struggling to stay in their seats at school, bouncing off the walls during homework time, and those dreaded phone calls from the teacher! I am relieved to have a natural choice to support these kids in a healthy way and help them be succesful in class and at home!

I made a little essential oil roller bottle recipe using my Young Living oils that we apply before school, he applies at lunchtime, and then again before homework time. It smells so good and has such amazing benefits, I usually end up applying it to my forearms as well!

This has three essential oils in it and I love every last one. Cedarwood essential oil is one we use almost every night in our diffusers to promote relaxation. I love it paired with lavender-like a dynamic duo to settle everyone as we get ready for bed. Cedarwood offers so many benefits and it is under $12, so I will pour this essential oil on anyone who will let me!

# 10

Another essential oil that is fantastic for grounding and focusing is Vetiver. While it is grounding and calming, it also uplifts and we can always use that in the emotions department!

# 14

When I mix up roller bottles I use whatever carrier oil I have on hand. A carrier oil is a fatty oil and helps to dilute and stretch your precious essential oils. I like Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated (liquid) Coconut Oil, and Apricot Oil. It also helps to massage into a larger area of your body, which is great for any discomfort. This is the recipe we use and I would have to say it is one we use a few times every single day.

# 18

While this is great when you need to settle and get a job done, it is also great in the evenings. My kids tend to want to play tag and get wild right before bed. This blend applied to their forearms, helps os stabalize and calm so we can get ready for a peaceful night's sleep.

I only use Young Living Essential Oils and you can read more about my journey, how and why we started using essential oils, and how to get started for yourself right here!


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