Main Ingredient Monday- 20 Cement Projects

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Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday!

1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects

Truth be told, I'm scared of trying a cement project. From the weight of the bag  to the permanence of a possible mess, I am petrified. I am also in love with all of the cement projects I have been seeing and am hoping the next time I'm at Lowes with my husband I will get him to heft that heavy bag for me and bring some home for myself!

Here are my 20 favorite cement project ideas for you.

20 cement and concrete DIy craft projects from Too Much Time on My Hands

If you have a fabulous cement project you have completed, send me the link and I will include it in this collection!

***Coming up with new main ingredients can be challenging! If you have an idea for MIM, please share it with me***


DIY Round Hanging Cement Table | The Merrythought

Round hanging planter from Merry Thought 


Lace votive holders via Say Yes


Bookend from Chez Larsson

HomeMade Modern DIY EP15 Concrete + Wood Coffee Table Options

Coffee table from Homemade Modern

Concrete- - lots of ideas ***   + links to many other sites***

Crayon organizer from Little House Blog

Cake stands from A Subtle Revelry


Drink cooler from Homemade Modern

Little cottage candle holders from Sinnenr Aush

Hanging lamp from Brit +  Co

114...cement wand or plant stick...I'd like a "bouquet" of these as a vase filler for a concrete or hypertufa vase - of course!

Plant stake from Chez Larsson

DIY Cement Ornaments - We could totally make these with designs or quotes on them @martcbear

Ornaments from fellow fellow

 DIY Cement Pencil Holders - This Simplistic DIY Pencil Holder is Punched with Holes Like a Honeycomb (GALLERY)

Pencil holder via Trend Hunter

HomeMade Modern DIY EP8 $5 Bucket Stool Options

Stool from Homemade Modern

I-Phone speaker dock from Hobby Design

DIY betongbokstäver | DIY Mormorsglamour | Sköna Hem DIY Betonletters

Mini letters from Skona Hem

Bento-inspired concrete vase by Xiral Segard. Four modular units to stack in different variations.

Flower vases from Xiral Segard

Cement + branches = Mike Christmas present for the Deer wall

Deer head via French by Design

 concrete tablecloth weights.. instructions ..Ferrero Rocher container.  These would be great to hang from your tent to help keep the rain from pooling at the corners, during an outdoor art show.

Tablecloth weights from Chez Larsson

DIY concrete candle tray//

Candle holder from Seda y Nacar

DIY concrete magnets | At Home in Love

Magnets from At Home in Love

20 cement and concrete DIy craft projects from Too Much Time on My Hands square

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  1. I have to admit… I’ve never had the desire to create with concrete. However, this post has me inspired! These ideas are beyond exciting!

  2. Connie Chastain says:

    Is it “cement” or “concrete”? There is a difference.

  3. In my humble opinion, concrete is the most amazing medium to work with. I love all of these ideas. I really think the Christmas ornament idea might be a great thing for my company to make for clients next year. Remember, concrete can almost always be repaired! This is what makes it so fun to work with!

  4. Tiauna Miller says:

    When using cement in say a cake pan what do you need to spray it with to make sure it will come out?

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