Lunch Box Spray for Kids and Grown Ups

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We have our first week of school under our belt and everyone is SO happy...including Mommy;)

One thing that is always on my mind when the kids go back to school is staying healthy! We have been extra careful and doing all we can to keep everyone in tip top shape and our immune systems strong and healthy:


Eating Healthy and well balanced meals

Cutting sugar (darn summertime ice cream stops;)

Early bed time

Taking vitamins and natural supplements

Getting exercise outside everyday after school

Drinking 1 drop of  Lemon essential oil in warm water every morning

Drinking Ningxia Red every day

Applying Young Living Thieves to everyone's feet before bed each night

While we are diligent about washing hands at home, I KNOW my kids do not follow up as well as they should at school. Many times the teachers say there is not enough time to wash their hands before lunch and try to give them hand sanitizers instead! I have taught my kids to say, "no thank you." I don't have much control over that, but I can put this Lunch Box Spray in their lunches and I know they are good to go before they eat!

# 13

We have little bottles everywhere-not just in lunch boxes!



camping supplies

swim bag

back packs

lunch boxes

Anywhere we might need to clean up and don't have a sink available. Using just water and Young Living Theives essential oilyou can be prepared for anything anytime!

We spray it everywhere!

shopping carts


restaurant tables

in our mouths for soothing immune system support

on our dog

kitchen counters

toilet seats

The  list could go on for days. I am kind of like the dad with the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Just sprying it on everything and everyone I see!

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You can find out more about why we only use Young Living essential oils right here.


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