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Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me and our whole family. I work really hard to prepare healthy food, to get outside in the sunshine for exercise, and spend lots of time in nature. While having a ton of health problems, I slowly was given more and more prescriptions to combat my many ailments. In July 2014 I realized it was out of control. I was taking too many synthetic medicines and seeing only minimal improvement. I decided I needed to truly overhaul what I was doing to my body. Less junk and more healthy food, more exercise, and I researched essential oils to see if they could help promote vitality, support a healthy immune system,  and help with occasional  relief. With the support of Doctors, my Naturopath and specialists, I decided to give them a try and have not looked back.

My many healthy lifestyle changes coordinated mostly with my Naturopath,  have helped me to get off of a bunch of medication and take my wellness into my own hands.  I am trying to be as healthy, vibrant, and natural as possible. I use essential oils to support my body systems and I have even used them to make my own toothpaste and mouthwash, cleaning products, bath salts, hand soaps, and linen sprays, and the list is growing every day!

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The 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit are a great place to start. You can support so many aspects of your wellness with them!  Promote restful sleep, support my immune system and all of my body systems, provide nervous system support during times of stress, and protect my body and contribute to better health!

 Lavender is my go to for any minor issues with my kids and is so relaxing to diffuse, Stress Away lulls us all to sleep each night and calms occasional anxious feelings throughout the day, Pan-Away is easing tons of my occasional body discomforts from my head to my feet, Peppermint is supporting our digestive systems and easing occasional tension in my head, Lemon is in my water all day and on my throat when I don't feel my best, Frankincense is in my homemade facial serum keeping my skin healthy and a drop on the crown of my head every morning to promote a positive outlook,  Thieves is helping support a healthy immune system and cleaning my entire house, DiGize is a great support to our digestive systems taken internally or applied topically to bellies and throats and we always take it while traveling, and  RC is such a comfort applied to throats, chests, necks, and feet when needed and helps for quiet peaceful nights where we can all sleep!

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Check out this on-line Oily Families Starter Guide to learn some essential oils basics and get information about 11 amazing oils!
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When you have a minute check out this on-line Essential Oils 101 Basics Class I created to educate you on how these amazing oils and Young Living products! Learn important safety information, what essential oils are, and how they are a key component of your families wellness plan!

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It is so easy to get started with Young Living 

Young Living Wholesale Member FAQs

Why Should I Choose Young Living Over Other Oil Brands?

I did a lot of research prior to signing up with Young Living. I went back and forth and read and read and asked a ton of questions. There are a few things that really made a HUGE impression on my and set Young Living apart from everyone else in the business. The Young Living SEED TO SEAL guarantee is unique and impressive and why they are the only oils I trust. This is a better than organic farming practice that ensures you are only getting the highest quality oils.


Why should I become A wholesale member?

If you like saving money then this is the option for you. By purchasing one of these starter kits you become a lifetime wholesale member receiving 24% off of retail prices. You only need to order 50 pv (point value which usually equals $ value) per year to stay current. If your membership lapses, you can become a member again with a 100pv order.

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Is there a monthly order minimum?

Order whatever you need whenever you need it at the wholesale discount

I really just want to use the oils, do I have to sell them to be a wholesale member?

No, This just gets you the discount pricing there is ZERO obligation to sell!  You can order what you need for you and your family. If you ever do want to start selling it is an easy transition and I can help you!

What kit do you recommend that I get started with?

I love The Premium Starter Kit featuring the Everyday Oil collection. You get 11 oils that have transformed my life! I will gift you a 400 page reference book to help you effectively and easily use your oils when you get started with one of the Premium Starter Kits!


The Dew Drop Premium Starter Kit is the kit I started with and in my opinion a great introduction to essential oils. All of these oils can be used to support so many personal and physical needs as well as help you clean your home and even use them to make your own personal products like toothpaste and mouthwash! I have even ordered two more of these kits because I use these 11 oils so often and the bonus of the diffuser is a great deal.

If you sign up with a Premium Starter Kit through me, I also gift you some of my favorite essential oil resources to get you started and educated!

Now, Young Living now offers six Premium Starter Kit Options for you to choose from!


 What if someone wants to sign up through me?

When you sign up you will be given a member number to share with any family and friends who want to sign up and order oils through you. I will also send you a special link with your info once you join. There are great opportunities to earn commissions and bonuses when someone signs up with you too!

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Essential Rewards offers reduced shipping, monthly free oils and promos, and a percentage back on every dollar you spend! You can easily change your order each month. Read this great post detailing all of the important ER information and perks!


What kind of support do I get after I join?

I will be here to support you every step of the way! You get access to many oily support groups and the Oily Family facebook page which is a huge network of oily friends who offer advice, tips, and answer questions every single day. There are also many other support and education groups I can add you to if you'd like!

How do I sign up?

1. Click Here to go the member sign up page. My membership number should already be poplulated in the sponsor and enroller fields but if it's not enter  #1892593

2. Wholesale Member will be selected-this doesn't mean you have to sell oils. It just means you get the 24% off wholesale pricing:)

3. Be sure to fill out your contact information completely. If you don't include your e-mail I won't be able to invite you to our private facebook groups and I can't support you as begin your exciting journey with essential oils.

4. Choose your kit. I highly recommend one of the three premium starter kits which will get you enrolled as a wholesale member and earn you the free Essential Oil Pocket Reference from me! You do have to select one of the kits to become a wholesale member.

5. Sign up for Essential Rewards if you want to get started saving and scoring free oils right away. But you can always sign up later at any time when you are ready.  Check out this great explanation and all of the details of Essential Rewards.

6. Complete your order and your oils are on their way to your doorstep!


Dive in head first, you will never look back! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me  kim(at)too-much-time.com

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