Homemade Personal Product Recipes and Free Labels


**edited: I adjusted some of the ratios on the printable labels for a better product**

I started using Young Living Essential Oils in July and we are totally hooked! I've started making some cleaning and care products and have loved my easy and thrifty homemade toothpaste and mouthwash.  Have you been trying out all of the amazing inspiration ideas on Pinterest for homemade cleaning and personal care products? It seems like lots of people are ready for inexpensive and healthier ways to cleean their homes and take care of their families.

Our old preschool is having an auction and I wanted to put together a little donation for them. It's great marketing for me and I hope it earns them some money for their school which I adore. I put in three oils; Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender. But I wanted to make it a bit more fun. I decided to try out some recipes and then bottle them up so the winner has some useful products they can use right away.

Since wintere is on the way, I want to help people support their immune systems. All of the products contain Young Living Thieves® essential oil which is my favorite oil blend Young Living offers!


Thieves® has been proven in clinical studies to be an effective cleaning solution. I put it on our feet every single night to support our immune systems and be better prepared for anything we may run into this winter. Since this donation was for a big auction, I wanted to make this goodie package look as good as it will work for the winner. Then I started thinking about the holidays coming up and thought these would make great little hostess, teacher, and secret santa gifts as well.


I ordered extra Thieves in this month's Essential Rewards order so I have enough to stock up making these goodies for the gift giving season.  I also ordered the squeeze and spray bottles and  foaming hand soap dispensers from Abundent Health for a great price. Here is their collection of plastic containers.


I put the Immune Support Epsom Bath Salts in a plain mason jar and all of the containers blended together great. Each of the free printable labels below gives you the full recipe to make your own products!

111111 Homemade Goodie Basket using Young Living Essential Oils- detox bath salts, hand sanitizer and spray, and  hand soap with free printable tags from TMTOMH  too-much-time

Just click on each image to get the high resolution image to save and print for yourself. I printed mine on full sheet sticker to make applying them to the bottles a breeze.

Detox bath copy

Foaming Hand Soap copy



I am always looking for new recipes that actually work! I would love to hear your favorites and how you have been keeping your family healthy and your house clean on a budget!

11 Homemade Goodie Basket using Young Living Essential Oils- detox bath salts, hand sanitizer and spray, and  hand soap with free printable tags from TMTOMH  too-much-time

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils click over to this post. You will get all of the details on how to order and how to get the best discounts and bonuses. You can even get your starter kit for free-ask me how!

How to Order Young Living Essential Oils Kim Hanou Member 1892593 too-much-time

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  1. You are just the best!! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful recipes, ideas, and labels!!!

  2. Hi Kim – Thank you so much for sharing these with us. They are wonderful, I will definitely be making them. Great too with Christmas just around the corner. Have a wonderful day. ps love the look of your blog:)

  3. These adorable! What sizes are pictured? 4oz or 8oz


    • The spray and sanitizer are 2.4 oz containers. I found them in the travel section at Target. The bath salts are 8 ox pint jars. The foaming nad soap doesn’t have a size on it. It’s larger and an avearge size soap dispenser:)

  4. thanks so much, this is fabulous!!

  5. melissa cain says:

    just joined and cant wait to use them, great ideas for christmas

    • Yay Melissa!Tese oils have truly changed our lives. We feel healthier, happier, are sleeping better, and I am so happy using non toxic products in my home. I hope you have a great experience and use these labels to make some cute Christmas gifts:) While I am sure you have joined a great team, if you ever have any questions or need support just e-mail me:)

  6. Hi Kim! I’m new to YLEO, but love what I’ve tried so far. I’m interested in making some “Homemade” things for Christmas and really appreciate these recipes. I would like to ask about the plastic bottles. In my first Oil’s class I attended, we were told to always use glass containers. Have you had any issues using the plastic containers? I found some small glass containers on Amazon.com, but would prefer to use plastic (for safety against breakage) if they work as well.

    • My leaders all use plastic bottles when the oils are diluted to strongly like this. Yes, high concentration oils should never go in plastic, you are totally right:) I found great prices on abundent health 4 u and you can often find coupon codes on that site as well. I am so excited that you want to use the labels and enjoy!

  7. Jelaine Aprile says:

    Could you add the label for the sanitizing spray? Thank you, I now have gift ideas!

  8. Wendy Woodard says:

    Hi, Thanks so much for these recipes they are great! I noticed that there is not a label for the sanitizing spray but there are 2 for the hand sanitizer, do you have the sanitizing spray label and would it be easy to share? I really love these! You did a great job!! Thanks again!

    • Thank you for pointing that out, Wendy! I added all four labels and adjusted some of the ratios after some suggestions from oily friends:)

  9. Did you do anything special when making these? Mixing or heating?

  10. Kathryn Lattimer says:

    Thank you so much for these adorable labels and recipes! I love my YLEO. How many 2.4 oz hand sanitizer bottles were you able to make with the recipe you posted?

  11. Hi! This so great! How exactly did you print these labels? I don’t have any experience with printing anything but regular paper, haha. Do you need a special printer, ink, paper, cutting machine?? I soo appreciate the help!

    L. Ceh

  12. Hi! This is so great! How exactly do you print these? I have no experience with printing anything but paper, haha. Do you need special paper, ink, printer, or cutting machine? I really appreciate your help!

    L. Ceh

    • HAHA- Just right click on the image to save it on your computer. Then you can open it in a photo editing software-I just usually use Picasa because it is free and easy. You can print it any size you want from there.

  13. HI thank you so much for these! i was just wondering if i were to make a spray in a 16 oz bottle how many drops of YLEO would you suggest

  14. Natalie Eaton says:

    Thank you for these goodies!!! Love the labels 🙂

  15. Heather says:

    I just stumbled upon this, and love your printables! Anyway I can still get those?!?!

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