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 Frame Upcycled DIY  Hot Pink Chalkboard 2 copy

I am so stinkin obsessed with chalkboards and chalkboard paint.

Every time I think I have enough, I stumble upon another amazing project idea or inspiration piece. I love the DIY variety, I love sharing meaningful quotes, I love upcycling, and I LOVE practicing my chalk lettering skills.

For this little project, I whipped up a batch of chalkboard paint using a hot pink bottle of craft paint. I do have a chalkboard paint recipe which I kinda go by, but this time I just eyeballed it.



old picture frame including glass

1 bottle acrylic craft paint for your chalkboard-try a fun new color!

paint for your frame

white unsanded grout - from your home improvement store

foam roller and roller tray




1. dump the whole small craft paint bottle into a small roller tray

2. add 2 TBSP Unsanded Grout

3. mix it well until smooth and rolled it onto my picture frame glass.

It took 3 coats, which I let dry for about 1 hour in between each layer.

4. in between the chalkboard painting, paint your frame. Mine took 3 coats.

5. let your chalkboard cure for 2-3 days before starting to write on it. Then prep the entire piece-cover it in chalk, wipe it off, and you are ready to roll!

***your chalkboard paint mixture will get very thick and goopy within a day. So, keep it tightly sealed and try to finish up in 1 day. Or else you will be like me and end up with a big pile of sludge...don't say I didn't warn you!

Frame Upcycled DIY  Hot Pink Chalkboard 3 copy

This Audrey Hepburn quote is so sweet and so true. When you are happy and feeling good you have a glow and that happiness just oozes out. This is something I want my daughter to remember! I have a pinterest board full of my favorite quotes, what are yours?

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