Halloween “Minute to Win It” and FREE Printables

I love working from home blogging and running my Young Living business. It gives me so much flexibility to be there for my family when they need me. I volunteer in the classroom a few days a week using my teaching skills, but planning and running the parties is probably the most fun.

Last Valentine's Day, we did Minute to Win It games and they were such a hit, I decided to do the Halloween theme for my kids first and third grade classrooms this year.

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I found lots of cute ideas on Pinterest and these were my favorite four. I printed out direction cards that go in the zip lock bag with all of the supplies. So the parent who runs the group knows what to do and has all of the supplies ready to go.

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1 Candy Corn Stacking

I put a big bowl of candy corn in the middle of a small group of kids sitting in a circle. Each child has a paper plate and they see how many candy corns they can balance standing upright in one minute.

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2 Circle of Terror

I put Apple Jacks in a big bowl in the coneter of a small group of  kids sitting in a circle. Each child has one pipe cleaner and has to string Apple Jacks onto the pipe cleaner with one arm held behind his or her back.

minute 1

3 Ghost Poop Pick Up

Each child has a plate full of mini marshmallows sitting in front of her. Using a straw, she has to suck up the marshmallow and put it into a cup.

minute 2

4 Eyeball Roll

Each child has one ping pong eyeball and a straw. The objective is to blow the eyeball across and off of the desk as many times as possible in one minute. Be careful it doesn't fall of the side because it won't count! It has to fall of the opposite end of the desk.

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The third graders will be using these score cards as they rotate through the game stations. The first graders will just be having fun at each game and we will not be keeping score.

Do you guys have anny other fun Minute to Win It game ideas? Feel free to print and use these cards!

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