Got Circles?

I went crazy with my circle craft punch folks....

Book Page Circles Mini Wreath 1

I punched out about a bajillion circles from 2 of my favorite "to be cute up" books. Do you ever feel guilty cutting u books? I am an avid reader and love books and other people have told me they feel terrible shredding books, but for some reason it just doesn't bother me-heartless I guess.

Book Page Circles Mini Wreath 3

I cut a circle out of an old cereal box to use as my wreath form. Then I folded all the circles in half and started hot gluing. I made this in one evening while watching reruns of Arrested Development. Have you seen that show? I never watched it before, but am now totally hooked!

Book Page Circles Mini Wreath 2

Anyway, let's just say I gave this minimal attention and it sure didn't take very long for a nice little end product! What do you make using book pages? I have lots of books left and am looking for a new project!

sig 4

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  1. I just had to “Pin” this! Great upcycle!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Your wreath is incredible, love how it looks and maybe easy to do? Just have to have patience cutting out all the circles? That part might be a bit tedious but look what you get after all the hard work on your hands. . mine don’t work too well anymore so will need to take my time. Good tv watching activity. Hope my wreath turns out even 1/4 as nice as yours. So glad you shared this project.

  3. LOVE this! What a great impact with a simple idea. I’ve never seen one like this!

    We haven’t seen Arrested Development, but it’s all I can do to wait until my husband comes home so we can watch Breaking Bad. We got to season 2 in a week!

    • I know! We have next to no time to watch anything, so it is one guilty pleasure at a time. I heard Breaking Bad is really good too, never seen it. Maybe one day…

  4. Love it! I could see myself going totally crazy with a circle punch too. Funny, you and I must both be heartless. I read all the time, but not all books are meant to stay bound together! I haven’t ever seen Arrested Development, but I hear how funny it is. Have to add it to my list of recorded shows!

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