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We take advantage of everything Colorado has to offer. We try to go on a lot of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and skiing. Basically, we try to be outside as much as possible. In order to have enough energy to tackle all of our adventures we need to constantly be fueled and healthy. At times, my two children challenge that notion, and I need to get creative to be sure they are eating nutritious and healthy foods.

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Whether they are exploring caves, skiing, or swimming their days away I feel like I am always packing lunches and snacks and stuffing nutritious food in their pockets every chance I get. For one thing they get nutty when they are hungry and I want easy access to the healthy stuff so it is easy to make the right choice. Grabbing candy or chips is not going to give my kids the energy they need to stay active.

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I just pop a little GoGo squeeZ goodness into the hulk's hand as he is dashing by and I just know he is smiling under that mask. We all especially love the regular AppleApple, AppleStrawberry, and AppleBanana. GoGo squeeZ is 100% fruit or 100% fruit and vegetables, all natural, gluten, nut and dairy free. It is easy to grab the re-sealable pouch and toss it in a lunch box or snack pack for after school. My kids would eat three a day if I let them and man, some days when we are running from after school, to practice, to Girl Scouts, I cave in and let them have more than one. Since this is a snack with natural and healthy ingredients, I feel great letting my kids indulge.

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My husband is an avid mountain climber and he needs quick fuel to eat as he hikes that will also give him good quality energy to get him to the summit. GoGo squeeZ durable portable pouches won't leak when squished into the bottom of his backpack either because that's no fun for anyone!

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Even on days when we are having play dates and dressing up takes top priority for the girls, they need good snacks to eat. I have never had a playmate complain when I give them a GoGo squeeZ! There are all-fruit varieties and 4 Fruit & VeggieZ combos like Boulder Berry and Zippin' Zingin' Pear that I love for lunches.

GoGo squeeZ is offering one of my readers a $100 VISA gift card!

Leave a post comment letting me know what activity your kids need on-the-go energy for and you will be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win!

Good Luck!

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  1. love these for car rides and for the kids to take for a snack at school!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    My kids need healthy snacks for when they are ice skating, roller blading and just plain old running around!

  3. Julie Wood says:
  4. We all need on the go energy for bike riding as an on-the-go activity.

  5. we need enery to ride out bikes

  6. My kids need energy for running around the house, skiing (as much as a 3 year old can ski), gym class at the local Little Gym, and their favorite, swimming!

  7. Lisa Brown says:

    For us, baseball, soccer, tap dance.

  8. Lisa Brown says:
  9. soccer, tennis and bike riding

  10. Jessica To says:

    My son needs it for when he rides his bike.

  11. steve weber says:

    My niece needs it for her ballet practice.

  12. nicole dz says:

    The activities my kids need on-the-go energy for is there soccer and softball for which they play on.

  13. nicole dz says:
  14. My kids need energy in order to participate in all the sports they play such as basketball and track!

  15. My kiddos need energy for their daily adventures outside!!

  16. Afternoons at the playground.

  17. Donna Marchlewski says:

    These would be great when we visit the zoo!

  18. They need energy for bike riding.

  19. tweet–

  20. My kids need on the go energy for playing basketball and taking nature walks.

  21. Katherine says:

    Right now it is before they go out to play in the snow

  22. Katherine says:
  23. we need energy for playing tennis.

  24. baseball and golf

  25. My daughter is in ballet, and both kids are always on the move!


  26. We need energy for hiking.

  27. hikes at the park

  28. My son and I like to take long walks into town/to the library/post office etc.

  29. When we go for walks!

  30. Jessie C. says:

    My kids need on-the-go energy for skiing.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  31. Jessie C. says:


  32. Who says they are only for kids? I love them as snacks.

  33. baseball game for us!

  34. My child needs on-the-go energy for using her scooter around the neighborhood.

  35. We LOOOOOVE our town’s splash park!

  36. Learning how to walk!

  37. my son loves to ride his bike

  38. just for running around from outside

  39. My daughter loves them on walks to the park!

  40. Her Gymboree class.

  41. My kids need on-the-go energy for gymnastics, basketball, dance, and swimming.

  42. Susan Smith says:

    My kids need energy for playing soccer, bike riding and gymnastics.

  43. Susan Smith says:
  44. We need on the go energy for sports, karate, long car rides and running errands.

  45. My daughter needs on the go energy for playing at the playground and also for swimming!

  46. courtney b says:

    lots of energy for running around the park and the zoo !:)

    Thank you!!! xoxoxo

  47. courtney b says:
  48. Carolina Dhabolt says:

    Wrestling & baseball!

  49. Carolina Dhabolt says:
  50. Amy Pugmire says:

    I would love to give these to my girls before and during gymnastics.

  51. Amy Pugmire says:
  52. Patricia C. says:
  53. Patricia C. says:

    My kids need fuel for our daily walk to the library and playground

  54. Rebecca Graham says:

    We need on the go energy for bike riding.

  55. Rebecca says:

    Our family likes to do swimming, bike riding, and volleyball!!

  56. Melissa M says:

    These would be great for camping!

  57. Melissa M says:
  58. Becky Horn says:

    Summertime when they get exhausted from swimming and all the heat!

  59. Becky Horn says:
  60. We need snacks for my daughter playing basketball and my son playing soccer.

  61. LAMusing says:

    I don;t have kids, but I need on the go energy almost every day!

  62. My daughter needed it after ice skating.

  63. My kids need on the go energy when we are helping in our Church’s Food Ministry

  64. I always needed snacks for my son because he played hockey. Juice boxes were the best!

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  65. erica best says:

    my nephew love to play softball

  66. erica best says:
  67. ELIZABETH P says:

    We like to visit the park regularly and the kids always need on the go energy since they are in a group sport too. truckredford(at)Gmail(dot)com

  68. ELIZABETH P says:
  69. maria cantu says:

    Bike riding.

  70. My son needs energy for bike riding!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  71. TWEET–

  72. TWEET–

  73. Nicole S. says:

    My kids need the energy for soccer!

  74. Karin A. says:

    Hiking and playing hard outdoors—

  75. I know this product is intended for children but I actually like the GoGo squeeZ and I am an adult. I think it is just a really healthy product for the whole family to enjoy.

  76. Barbara Montag says:

    The kids need energy for sports and swimming lessons.
    thank you

  77. Barbara Montag says:
  78. Cynthia C says:

    These would be great for long car rides like vacations.

  79. Cynthia C says:
  80. Margaret Smith says:

    My oldest is in a swimming club and our youngest son is in a baseball league. They also love to ride their bikes and go fishing.

  81. Margaret Smith says:
  82. My son needs it for martial arts class

  83. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I am beyond the age where I have kids at home…so I guess my answer is none!

  84. My niece needs it for riding her bike.

  85. sarah hirsch says:

    my son needs on the go energy for his baseball practices and games

  86. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    My children are very involved in sports, and we are need energy for all our sporting events!

  87. Tari Lawson says:

    My kids need on the go energy for riding bikes and hiking.

  88. paige chandler says:

    Our family rides bikes together on the local bike path.

  89. Linda G. says:

    We need snacks for our bike rides and our trips to the park. Can’t wait for the nice weather so we can get our bikes out!

  90. Stephanie V. says:

    days like today – after school chorus then directly to baseball — then homework, supper and bed – whew!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  91. Basketball tournaments!

  92. Denise S says:

    My kids need on the go energy for hiking.

  93. Basketball and baseball.

  94. Crystal F says:

    My girls need energy for softball.Thank you!!

  95. We love going to the park! leslieflambert at gmail dot com

  96. My daughter needs on the go energy for swimming.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  97. My son just started karate and my daughter does dance and gymnastics! Lots of running around!

  98. Anastasia Falling says:

    Life itself!! Between school, homework, band practice and time with friends and family, the kids are running like crazy! They need all the energy they can get to get everything done 🙂

  99. Anastasia Falling says:
  100. Sallyc68 says:

    lots and lots of basketball

  101. I agree that these are great to have handy. I usually have energy bars too. And I always have my water bottle. I’ll be out volunteering.
    Thanks for the contest.

  102. Erica B. says:

    Good for when they are swimming and biking.

  103. Ashley C says:

    We are looking forward to spending many hot days at the pool, where snacks are a necessity!

  104. You mention mountain climbing…I call it backpacking and I love to do that myself. I’m always looking for a good “fuel” food when I’m out there.

  105. sherri crawford says:

    camping and hiking

  106. Marcia Goss says:
  107. Linda C. says:

    They need on-the-go energy for all the biking riding they do…..all………long.

  108. Linda C. says:
  109. Jayne Garrett (@momznite) says:

    We need energy for hiking and dancing here.

  110. Jayne Garrett (@momznite) says:
  111. Xander Franke says:

    Definitely all about having these for fishing and kayaking!

  112. Xander Franke says:

    #gogogiveaway #SweepstakesEntry Goodness on the Go + $100 Sweepstakes via @sharethis

  113. Xander Franke says:
  114. My daughter plays an electric guitar in a rock band. She could use the kick.

  115. joe gersch says:

    my kids need on the go energy for hiking

  116. They need energy to go out and ride their bikes!!

  117. Denise L says:

    Right now our biggest on the go activity is soccer…coming up – baseball!

  118. Denise L says:
  119. My daughter is in lacrosse and my son is in baseball!

  120. Lots of bicycling!

  121. Ellie Wright says:

    Both my boys play little league baseball and sometimes we have 2 or more games a day. They need lots of on the go energy on those days.

  122. Ellie Wright says:
  123. Kimmy Ripley says:

    My daughter needs a boost for playing in the park!

  124. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My kids love to go bike riding and swimming and both would be great for this on the go snack

  125. The boys need energy for swimming.

  126. ewhatley says:

    Spending time outside on the beach is our favorite activity.

  127. Debbie B says:

    my nieces need fuel for gymnastics and dancing

  128. Debbie B says:
  129. Stephanie Larison says:

    This would be great to take to the zoo when we’re all on the go!

  130. Lisa Garner says:

    My daughter needs on the go energy for dance class.

  131. Lisa Garner says:
  132. My son has karate 3 days a week so he always needs a snack and plenty of water!

  133. Aurelie Red says:

    We need them for the after school activities : my kids need energy in order to participate in all the sports they play such as soccer and swimming.

  134. Aurelie Red says:
  135. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    They will need energy for t-ball

  136. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  137. a cruise

  138. Tracey byram says:

    Playing baseball and biking

  139. Francine Anchondo says:

    riding bikes

  140. No kids here! 😀 I, myself, need energy when visiting the garden center because I will stay there forEVER! LOL

  141. Tina Reynolds says:

    My kiddos need energy for all the after school activites we have scouts and dancing, wrestling little league busy little bees

  142. Tina Reynolds says:
  143. Thomas Murphy says:

    We need fuel for going to the park.

  144. amy rouse says:

    The grands love to ride their bikes around the neighborhood, so they always need a snack afterwards!

  145. Thomas Murphy says:
  146. amy rouse says:
  147. I no longer have children at home but we always loved camping (with hiking) and swimming

  148. Rajee Pandi says:

    love to take it to zoo

  149. Rajee Pandi says:
  150. Tabathia B says:

    We are looking forward to geocaching this spring/summer

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  151. Tabathia B says:
  152. Kathryn C says:
  153. Kathryn C says:

    definitely need energy for all the swimming this summer

  154. Kathryn C says:

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