Good Morning Sunshine

"I'm Walking on Sunshine,Baby!"

I have spent about 12 hours trying to fix up this little blog of mine. It looks OK, but it isn't what I want.(no comments from the peanut gallery about how I am never happy and change the design every month:). Anyway, I figure my "work time" is worth at least $20 an hour. and that 12 hours comes out to $240. Say what? I am done.

If you know me at all you know I am cheap....I will work my but off to uncover codes, learn how to widen, align, add, delete...all of it. But I am now waving the white flag.

I will take the money I earned from selling my creations and put some of that into making this blogall that I want it to be. And you know what?  It feels good. I am not a blog designer, I am a DIY'er,  crafter, furniture refinisher, dirty hands builder, and that is what I want to spend my time doing. So, I think I found a designer, but I am keeping mum till I am sure because I have that Bvlgari giveaway-still going on my the way if you are interestedin offering me a new suggestion and I end up choosing your designer!

Now that we have that big issue resolved, let's get on to some awesome projects I have found on my favorite blogs this past week.

good morning sunshine at Too Much Time on My Hands

I am making these for the kids at my next party...well, the adults too!

The Moody Fashionista

made these adorable and yummy hot chocolate dippers!

I have to try this paint finish on a dresser that is sitting in  my garage right now.

Dumped and Discovered

Created a beauty out of trash.

This mural from

House of L

is amazing and those shelves just took it to the next level.

I love rustic & thrifty and this organizer from

The Tattered Tag

is sooooo my style and I will fit right into my craft room when I "borrow" the idea:)

I have this stencil! And since I am in love what

Sweet Girl Expressions

did with this unwanted piece of furniture I may have to try it too!

This Anthro knockoff lampshade from

Decor To Adore

is so bright and cheerful!

A BIG thanks to

Creative Juice

She reviewed a few alternate options to Picnik...dang something else I need to relearn?

Who me? Have jars? Well, I only save every single glass jar...always.

MK Inspired

made some cute snowy jar candle holders with her kids!

Table runners turned into a rug by

The Creative Imperative

How cheap and cute! I am in love:)

My friend Nichole and I were just talking about cheap but pretty organization this weekend and then look what I found over at

Scissors and Spatulas

Dollar Store bins turned gorgeous!

That was some awesome  inspiration to get me energized and excited to get creative this week. Off the computer and getting my hands dirty!

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  1. My daughter is a Junior at Ohio University and she may have some friends that are either in graphic design or computer science that could help you. I will let her know your situation!

  2. I am just totally blown away that YOU of all people don’t feel capable to design your own blog. I think your blog looks amazing and every single change has been amazing. Are you being too hard on yourself?

    I hired someone to help me and was more frustrated than just doing it myself. They just didn’t “get” what I was looking for. I am have considered hiring someone again now that Piknik is going bye bye. But YOU?? I think you do a great job. Just my thoughts….

    • I was just so comfortable with blogger and I think that makes it harder than if I just would have started with WP? I am with ya-I had someone help me at one point and I just ended up changing it. I am so darn picky. And yes, I am def too hard on myself and am a perfectionist. So what to do? Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Lesley and being so supportive:)

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for featuring my dollar store bins! Flattered to be featured along with such great projects!

  4. Hi, Kim! Thank you for featuring me! I’m grabbing your button for this blog post! I love your blog…I too am thinking about hiring someone to “clean” my blog up a bit…

    Thanks again!


  5. Kim you have richly blessed me! Thank you SO very much for featuring my lamp.

    It will be fun to take a peek at the other wonderful projects you have listed as well.

    Have a sunshiney day!

  6. Hi Kim~

    Thank you so much for the feature, sure brightened up my Monday! I think your new blog looks great, but really aren’t we our own worst critics? I can always find something on mines to tweek. It is sure going to be a change getting use to some of my blogging buddies being on WP, I wonder how long I will be able to hold on on Blogger? I subscribed via email so I don’t lose touch with your awesome craftyness! Good Luck!!


    Drop By & Visit {The Tattered Tag}

  7. It looks great so far! I have heard that making the switch is a nightmare without a professional. You are brave to have tried it out. You are definitely not the only one who has had trouble with this. Hang in there. We will all still be here when you are 100 percent 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my flowered cabinet!! I stopped by & visited all of the other features too……some talented girls out there, I’m honored to be included with them 🙂 – Katie

  9. Awesome job! Did you end up doing the design yourself, or did you hire someone? It looks great!! Do you need me to ship some hair color to you? I might have some left over from when I switched to WP! Ha!

    It’s all downhill from here.

    Good job!

    • Oh jeeze-I may need some of that hair color:) I have Vanessa from Nifty Thrifty Things working on the design with me right now. Hopefully it will be finished and installed next week. The coding with WP threw me for a loop! I was so happy Vanessa offered to help and she was so good I hired her to code and install everything!

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