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Essential Oils Make and Take Girls Night Out Class with recipe and free printables using Young Living essential oils from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands Kim Hanou #1892593 copy

The holidays were so crazy and busy and we spend so much time focusing on others. I decided to host a make and take class for my friends to make some pampering products just for us.

Young Living essential oils are a huge part of our everyday lives. We use them from the moment we wake up, with lemon essential oil in our water, until the moment we go to sleeep, with lavender and Stress Away in our nightime diffusers. The boost our moods and support our wellness while we are trying our best to stay healthy and feeling great all winter.

While at first, many people think the oils seem pricey, we are  saving A TON of money every month by using Young Living essential oils. I am using Young Living products to make all of my natural cleaning supplies, daily wellness support, personal care products, pampering products, toothpaste, deodorant, almost everything! Let me tell you, we have been so much happier and healthier which has saved us from paying for everything that comes along with getting sick often throughout the year. As a mom, I feel so great about raising my kids in a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

girls night out essential oils class from TMTOMH

My kids are LOVING this bubble bath ... even though it was supposed to be pampering for me! I am never buying bubble bath again- the natural options at my health food store are pricey and this is super economical.

This hand cream is hands down my very very favorite! It is so nourishing and lovely on winter skin. Add any oils you enjoy the scent of, but my recommendation is the Frankincense, Lavender, and Melrose. It has a very mild scent and so supportive to your skin.

The chapstick recipe makes about 20 tubes and probaly cost about $2 for the whole batch. It is awesome and adults and kids all love it. The lip scrub is perfect for chapped winter lips. It tastes delicious and moisturizes while revealing healthy skin.

My favorite part of the Make and Take was making diffuser necklaces! I ordered everything from Amaon and it really was very easy. My eight year old daughter made her own with minimal help.


Feel free to save the images of the recipes and labels and make your own products or host your own party!

luxurious bubble bath recipe card copy

bath copy

winter fresh lip balm copy

lip balm copy

hand lotion recipe copy

hand lotion label

lip sugar scrub recipe card copy

lip scrub copy

I would love to hear about how you are taking care of yourself during these cold winter months.

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  1. We sure need a little bit of pampering from time to time and essential oils & homemade products are my all time favorites! 🙂
    What a lovely idea, thank you for sharing all these amazing recipes! ♥
    Have a great day,

  2. Amanda Brooks says:

    Would you mind sharing the sizes of the lip sugar scrub and hand lotion containers?? Thanks a ton!

    • The lip sugar scrub are teeny tiny containers- like smaller than a lip balm container. It doesn’t say on there exactly the size. The hand lotion recipe makes about three containers 2 oz each.

  3. Do you know how many containers of sugar scrub this makes? I bought small containers at Hobby Lobby and have 10 Moms coming over this weekend! Thanks

    • That recipe makes a little more than the 8 ounce mason jar. I usually put it in the larger jar and it just isn’t all the way filled up. Or make a giant batch and have everyone just fill jars as you go.

  4. Lela Mcgee says:

    I love your ideas and plan to use some. The Spiced Chai lip balm sounds wonderful. How can get a label for that one?

  5. I just have the lables I shared in the post.Feel free to use those:)


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