Faux Zinc Letters $2 Each

I love the look of these Anthropologie weathered zinc letters. They are chunky, industrial, and worn.

$18 each is waaaay out of my price range, especially when I want to spell a long word!

I have seen some knock offs and decided I needed to make some for myself. I also wanted to do it immediately and didn't want to wait to run to the store and buy anything special. So I worked with what I had.

I had these cardboard letters waiting for a project. They are $1.25 when half off at Hobby Lobby.

I also had the Krylon Metallic Spray Paint and Annie Sloan Dark Wax in my stash.

I sprayed the letters with 2 coats of the metallic paint-it goes on so nicely and dries super fast...like lightening I tell ya. Then I used cheesecloth to apply the dark wax. I started lightly and then added more to get an uneven finish.

I really like how they turned out. I had to use more of the wax than I thought would to get the weathered look I was looking for.

It did take a while fro the wax to dry. I really caked it on in some of the edges.

Ia m going to make some for my husbands office...oh yeah...I AM still working on that.

These will go really well with the desk I made! What should I spell out for him?

He is in the GIS map[ping industry and does lots of urban tree planning.

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  1. I am LOVING this tutorial. Yours look the most real out of all the knock-offs I’ve seen. I didn’t think to make some for my hubby’s office. He is a petroleum landman, so there are tons of phrases that go with that.

    For your hubby, maybe something about roots.

  2. I LOVE how yours turned out. I have seen a few tutorials on this in the past, but I love yours. I’m so going to try this!

  3. Really great! Who in their right minds would pay $98 for a letter? Especially if you can make them with a little effort, creativity and ingenuity!

  4. These turned out great! Thanks for the tutorial! I love when a good plan turns out great!

  5. Too funny! Must be the week for these!
    I posted mine the other day … and this is the third I’ve seen since!
    Great minds think alike, I guess! 🙂
    Hope all is well,
    Bec 🙂

  6. I love the look of those zinc numbers and letters but wow, not the price. I think this tutorial is excellent and what a great way to achieve the same rich look for much less. Our local fire department just advised everyone to have visible house numbers and this seems to be a great way to do it.

  7. Hi Kim! Checking this out from Southern Lovely. You had me at $2. I’ve seen these at Anthro too and copies online but yours by far the best! You did such a good job. I might have to copy you 🙂 One of these in a “J” would look great in my cloffice.

  8. Great inspiration. I love love love the low cost but fabulous result. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Redoux

  9. $98 – that is crazy business! Yours are fab!

  10. Pinning!

  11. Kim,
    These are fantastic! I was just in Anthropologie yesterday and saw a woman buying one of these (I had to stop myself from telling her that she could make one very easily) – this is on my ever growing to do list! I also discovered that if you sand over the metallic spray paint, it also gives it a dark worn look – I might try this in combination with a wax.

  12. I like how those turned out.

  13. I can’t find any wax for accents. Help?

    • At Home Depot you can usually find the Minwax wax…not sure if they have the dark though. Ask in the paint department and they will hep you. You can also do a google search to “buy Annie Sloan Wax” and I am sure you will find some places to purchase that on-line.

  14. I live in New York and have never seen the cardboard letters at any of the craft shops. Has anyone seen any of these anywhere? In a shop or maybe to order. I love the project.


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  2. […] just not the price! I’ve seen the DIY version floating around too… Kim at Too Much Time on My Hands has a good tutorial on how she made hers, and I had most of the same materials… she used ASCP […]

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