Faux Pumpkins Three Ways

3 Easy Pumpkin Hacks from Too Much Time on My Hands 5 copy

I wasn't fibbing last Monday when I told you I had bought a bunch of fake pumpkins to hack!

Every craft store I have been visiting had those ugly fake pumpkins on sale. For most of them, it seems you need to alter them to make them look real-so I decided to go crazy and REALLY alter mine.

3 Easy Pumpkin Hacks from Too Much Time on My Hands 3 copy

This was the ickiest one I purchased, but I liked the size. The stem is not very convincing, so I added a few fake leaves to help it along. I just used Mod Podge and old book pages to cover this guy. Very easy!

3 Easy Pumpkin Hacks from Too Much Time on My Hands 4 copy

This silver guy has a fabulous stem, so I wrapped it in masking tape while I spray painted it with 2 coats of shiny silver.

3 Easy Pumpkin Hacks from Too Much Time on My Hands 1 copy

I am still not sure about this one. I had seen similar ideas with fake flowers, but now I realize they used small flatish flowers instead of the big puffy type I used. I bought my flowers at Dollar Tree and it took 10 bunches to cover this pumpkin! I wasn't planning on spending that much, but when I was halfway through hot gluing the flowers on, I realized I was married to it and had to just finish.

3 Easy Pumpkin Hacks from Too Much Time on My Hands Square 2 copy

I am pretty happy with they look all together- that flower one on it's own looks lost.  I'm always happy to get to use my old postal scale too! Found that baby at the thrift store for $8 a few years ago-SCORE!

3 Easy Pumpkin Hacks from Too Much Time on My Hands 6 copy

Have you started fall decorating? Do you use these fake pumpkins, and how do you make them look legit? I have two more that are more realistic looking, but I would love to hear ideas on how to make them look amazing!

3 easy and thrifty faux pumpkin hacks from too much time on my hands

I also featured faux pumpkins on Main Ingredient Monday last week. Click through to see 20 fabulous projects!

20 Fake pumpkin hancks from Too Much Time on My Hands www

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this! I am looking for some decor inspiration for next month’s women’s event at church. This would be awesome! My favorite is the newspaper pumpkins. I’ve always loved the cream colored pumpkins, but this is even better. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. chris aka monkey says:

    kim i really like your fake punkins even the flowered one….maybe if the flowers were more orange it would make you happier light spray of paint maybe? xx

  3. I love the mix of all three styles! And the old scale is great too! Thanks for sharing your creations! 🙂 Happy weekend, Julie (LittleFarmstead)

    • Thank you so much, Julie! I always think it’s fun to get crazy with textures and styles-sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t;)

  4. These are so cute! I did a few too!


    I really enjoyed your projects! 🙂

  5. So cute! I am really in love with the metallic pumpkin, and what a great idea to use masking tape and spray paint for the stem! I am featuring this on my site tomorrow for the party 🙂


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