Father’s Day Gift Guide: What Dad Really Wants

2015 Fathers Day Gift Guide from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands 1

I know today is Mother's Day, and I hope everyone is relaxing and celebrating with your families and all of your favorite moms! This day always reminds me that Father's Day is right around the corner. I ALWAYS struggle to find exciting, useful, unique, and memorable gifts for the fathers in my life and I decided to put this collection together and hopefully it will inspire you all too.

Most grown adults have everything they need, but my husband for one does not really buy much for himself. He would love any of these gifts and they are things he usually won't spend money on for himself, but I know he would love to have and enjoy.

1. Reusable and SAFE water bottles and coffee cups- The plastic, falling apart, ratty cups my husband uses are gross. These stainless steel bottles are safe and durable.

2. Comfy Shoes- Weather going to an office or running around town, comfortable shoes are just so nice to have. This company will donate a pair to a needy person for every pair you buy.

3. Laptop Backpack-My husband uses some ugly freebie he got somewhere along the way. This backpack would be great for bike riding and also keep his laptop safe when he carelessly tosses it into his backseat.

4. Sport Watch- Durable is the key word for the men in my life. Tough jobs, hiking, and camping can beat up a nice watch. This tough design will last.

5. Personalized Tablet Case- How cute to personalize with family pictures and shots of the kids!

6. Beer Making Kit- Fun....just fun!

7. Droid Turbo Sapphire Blue- This is the one my husband is getting this year! He has been due for a new phone for over  a year and his current model is smashed and beat to heck.

Father's Day Gift Guide from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands 6

The Motorola Droid Turbo Sapphire Blue has all of the features my husband NEEDS in a phone and it looks so great too.

My top three qualifications are:

DURABILITY: This phone was originally designed for military use and has a scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass and water-repellent design.  Underneath the woven materials it has a layer Kevlar which is 5 times stronger than metal.

DESIGN: The Droid Turbo has a woven fabric material that gives the phone a distinctive look compared to cookie cutter phones we see everywhere

IMG_20150401_151435215_HDR (2)

BATTERY: The Droid Turbo has the LONGEST BATTERY LIFE OF ANY SMART PHONE! Go two days without stopping. Get 8 hours of power in 15 minutes with the Motorola Turbo Charger.

 I may need to snag one of these for myself, I am in the market for a new phone this summer too.

What are your favorite Father's Day Gift ideas? We are always looking for fresh ideas and new inspiration to shower our Dads with!

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  1. Out of all the choices, what will you get your husband? I think this is “the droid he’s looking for”. 🙂
    They are great options and include my usual goto gifts for a guy: watch, tools, technology.

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