Easy Garden Marker DIY

Colorful Garden Markers 1 copy

Who is about ready for Spring?

Before the warm weather even hits I am always ready to get my hands in the soil, readying the planting beds, and starting seeds. We have a tiny yard and we created these stand up planters from old file cabinets to hold our beautiful garden until we get to a place with a bigger yard.

File cabinet planters UPCYCLE RECYCLE REUSE from TMTOMH Too MUch Time on My Hands 1 copy

I love spending time outdoors with my family growing our own food and beautiful plants and flowers. I love what it teaches my kids and the respect they are learning for our food and to be grateful for the work and effort that goes into providing it.

Throw in a  fun craft project and I am so in. This is another project I completed for the KRAZY Glue KRAZY Quick Ideas Design Book 2015

I used wood shims, a packet of little wooden plaques, teeny mirrors, little wooden letters, craft paint, paint pens, Polyurethane spray, and KRAZY Glue. SO easy and quick.

garden markers

Choose any paint colors to fit your outdoor decor. I am excited for the pops of color these will bring all over our garden. Especially in Spring when we don't have much blooming.

Colorful Garden Markers 5 copy

We had so much fun deciding what we will be planting and making our markers. I have a few extras ready for new names becasue I am sure we will stumble upon something else fun to try in the garden this season.

Colorful Garden Markers 3 copy

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  1. Great projects as usual and I LOVE those planters. Glad you mention them here as I had missed that post. Very “contemporary cool”.

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