Easy After School Snack Station

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My kids are like wild hungry animals when they get home from school. They can barely make the 10 minute drive home without clawing each others eyes out. I wanted to be supremely prepared for our first week of school.

I created this personalized after school snack station to save anyone tears, yelling, or actually dying of hunger. Each kiddo has a box chocked full of healthy and delicious snacks. My son is gluten free and my daughter eats glutes at times. I wanted them to know anything they grab out of these baskets is 100% safe and already has the green light from mom.

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I don't like hearning,

"I'm starving!"

"What do you want to eat?"

"I don't know!!!!!"

"How about pop corn, peanuts, applesauce, cheese and crackers, trail mix, apples and peanut butter...."

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These nifty little baskets are filled with a big variety of healthy snacks that I know my kids enjoy. They can walk right in the house and grab what they want. No whining, no yelling, and no one dead from a hunger induced rampage.

I found these chip board letters and little wooden utensils at my craft store. A little paint and some twine was all it took to transform these plain storage baskets. I keep them on top of the fridge so we see them all the time. I wanted them to look good, but still be functional and I think this fits the bill.

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  1. Brilliant idea Kim! I think I may have to take a proverbial leaf out of your book! I have a question though, are the snacks in the basket to last them the week? Or do you refill the basket each day while they are at school?

    • I am hoping these baskets last for the week. There should be enough room. I am thinking of making small refrigerator boxes too. With veggies and fruit inside:)

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