Earth Day Thursday-Small Area Gardening Ideas

Spring Fever anyone?

You got it?

I got it!

The tulips are popping, my hyacinths have bloomed, and I have been seeing some very fun and unique gardening ideas that I need to share!

I have the tiniest yard in the universe and have had to get creative in order to make good use of the space. Last year, I made grow boxes and a trellis that did fabulously

and now I need to add some more gardening tricks in order to grow more flowers and veggies in my small space this year.

(Side note: My computer has some sort of virus and when I try to click on a link, like from my pinterest boards, I get redirected to a random website. So some of these links go back to my pinterest board, but if you, on your healthy computer click through, you will get to the original sources)

My son's super cute dresser has fallen apart! So I think I am going to reinforce it and use it like this

Or this,

Or this


This is a beautiful and smart use of wall space.

Same idea different execution from Miss Modish

Another cute space saver idea from Horti Verti 

And this old garden fence turned art from Making Clothes.

I also found a few uses for gutters that may help me out with my small space gardening needs!

This one from Martha Stewart uses copper gutters.

I could attach this to one of my windows and let the planter gutters hang down the side of my house.

I am not super excited about drilling into my siding, but this is so cool.

I have some patio space I can utilize, but I definitely want something a bit more exciting than Plain Jane pots.

Galvanized water troughs

Rusty old cans mounted to a post.

White Water Crafting created a planter from stair risers.

I don't have an old bike, but if I see one.....

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Kim. I have a huge yard, so space is not an issue, but I want to create some prettier areas and you’ve given me some good ideas.

  2. These are such great ideas. I have to be so careful where I plant because the rabbits and deer eat them but some of these I think I could use. Thanks for the post.

  3. This is so cool. I love the idea of using the drawers as planters! That’s definitely a conversation piece.


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