DIY Restroom Sign Tutorial

restroom DIY Sign from TMTOMH 2 copy

Nothing like a totally personalized inexpensive DIY sign to make me happy. Do you all make your own signs? Are you lucky enouigh to have a machine to make your stencils?

I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now and finally got around to it. I truly love making signs and I do not have a silhouette. I use carbon paper, stencils, and copies to bring my signs to life. This was was so easy and looks fun above my powder room on our main floor.

I didn't even need to use carbon paper, just traced and outlined with pencil and could see enough to pain

t my design.

restroom DIY Sign from TMTOMH 5 copy

Paint your wood black

Tape off and paint edge white

Use stencils for your letters

Print a copy of your image

Trace your image onto the wood

Fill in with a white paint pen

restroom DIY Sign from TMTOMH 3 copy

So, it isn't perfect but it looks fun anyway!

restroom DIY Sign from TMTOMH 1 copy

I ended up going over the white a few times and used a paintbriush for my last coat BUT I would not do that again. It got a bit bumpy and you can see the stroke marks. I was just impatient waiting for the paint pen to dry!

restroom DIY Sign from TMTOMH 4 copy

signature copy

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  1. What a great sign…much needed in a house where their are lots of kids playing with friends after school…and even for those who entertain alot…I had a womens sign above our bathroom door for many years, as I had just 3 little girls,,,but once the boys came the oldest added a stick figure one night……

  2. I wonder if this would remind my boys that they do share a bathroom with a girl. Great idea and think you for the inspiration. I have a link up/blog dare going on over on my blog and would like to invite you to post this link. You don’t have to participate in the dare if you don’t want to, but have readers who would also love this idea. Have a great day.

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