DIY Painted and Framed Cork Board

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I have been having so much fun updating Holden's bedroom! She was dying for a desk and I decided to clear out a corner and create a little office space for her. I shared her super thrifty supply organizer last week and now I am excited to share her awesome and HUGE corkboard!

16" x 36" Cork Panel

I started with this plain cork board panel from Hobby Lobby. I planned to paint it and mount it to the wall. I used painters tape to create some geometric patterns and then used leftover spray paint and latex paint to paint sections different colors.

FYI pulling off the tape was not awesome. It pulled off chunks of the cork board all around the edges! ACK! Try to be very careful if you do this at home. And my paint bled through a bit. Since it is a cork board and I can just pin things in strategic places, it didn't make a ton of difference in the end.

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As I was hanging this on Holden's wall a memory popped into my head. This old frame I had laying around from a thrift store was a similar size, I wonder if it might fit to frame the cork board? I about fell over when I discovered it was a PERFECT fit!

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First I painted it white and when I put it up with the cork board it didn't looks so hot. I decided metallic silver would look better and it REALLY does! I screwed the corkboard and frame into the wall seperately so it will be a bit more durable. Holden isn't exactly gentle or careful with many of her things.

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I grabbed that pack of scrapbook paper I used for the desk organizer and punched out some circles to make a simple garland to decorate the top of the corkboard and it gave it a nice finishing touch.

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Holden almost fell over when she saw the final project hanging on the wall and she wasted no time filling it up!

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Seeing her favorite memories and some of her favorite people alongside her misspelled artwork makes my heart happy.

DIY framed painted corkboard 8 copy

This just makes me want my own private office area and a big corkboard for myself!

DIY framed painted corkboard 4 copy

I just might need to make that happen!

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