DIY Kitchen Renovation you CAN Do (for cheap)!

This is not the first time I have whined about painting my kitchen cabinets. It is so much orange with the cabinets and the floors the exact same color and then the neutral paint- BORING! I keep saying, "If we were going to live here forever, I would paint them." Well, it has been 5 years and I predict at least 4 more so why the heck don't I just do it?  Apparently I am terrified of the work and the disaster I could possibly create by tackling this project.  First of all there are


That is A LOT of unscrewing and keeping track of for me. I had a heck of a time painting our camper cabinets and there were like 6 doors to keep track of. However, I am am trying to think of a way to turn this into a BIG FUN learning experience for the kids. They can unscrew the hinges and hardware-right? I will keep working on that one.

Then there is the stripping and sanding and UGH- it makes me want to cry. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this GREAT and kind of life changing post from my girl Valerie at Occasionally Crafty

 Valerie has pinky promised me that I can do this with no sanding or stripping. I made her swear on her life that this is the easiest and best way and that even I can do it. I decided to order the stain and really get down to business and start acting serious about this and then it arrived!

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I am big on signs from the universe and this was not looking well. (Amazon did refund my payment within 12 hours of me notifying them of this issue:) So I just felt sad and told myself to live with the boring until the amazing Christina of Christina's Adventures shared this!

Girl is 9 months pregnant with a toddler and completely redid this kitchen. If she can do that, can't I just paint a few (43) measly cabinets? Let's look at some more of her beautiful kitchen before I decide!

Copper Sink Farmhouse Kitchen

The sink!!! Oh the sink and those open shelves. I would be limited to the dishes we actually use instead of HOARDING every plastic sippy cup and take out fork we have ever received.

Nailhead trim kitchen table chairs

Love the dark wood with the neutral color palette.  Dark cabinets would look a million times better set against all the neutral in my kitchen!

My kitchen also opens into our family room and it is where I work so I am staring at it ALL the time.

Kitchen Office Organization Ideas from Too Much Time on My Hands 9 copy

I mean really, wouldn't dark stained cabinets look so much better?

So I have decided-YES! I am doing this...I am doing this...I am doing this! I absolutely can not wait to start, but I need for it to stop with the 90% humidity and raining every day (for the past three weeks!) here in Denver. I can not wait to share this scary experience with all of you and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes...I am thinking there may be a few:)

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  1. I’m out here rootin’ for ya!!! Can’t wait to see what you do. I know it will be beautiful, cuz that’s what you do!! You GO, girl! Dona

  2. Go, go, go! Your inspiration is a stunning kitchen upgrade but I bet you can match that. 🙂

  3. Why not just do either the uppers or the lowers?

  4. wow! what a beautiful transformation! your kitchen is bright and cheerful.

  5. Hey, Kim! Go to Woodcraft. The only store in the Denver area is in Centennial. Woodcraft carries the full line of General Finishes and has really cool woodworking stuff. 😀 No need to order through Amazon.

  6. JaneEllen says:

    I must have been meant to open your post first, I am so charged up and ready to do my cupboards. Love how hers look and yours would also. That gel stain looks great. Wonder if it works on phony vinyl paper on cupboards. We have a mfg single wide 16×80. home with awful cupboards, Have wanted to paint them for long time, have been in this house since late July 2006 when we bought. Not our dream house (especially not mine) but it’s so darned expensive here (west of Grand Junction) we had to buy what we could afford. Being on SS limited what we could buy as real estate pretty high here. Over on your side of divide too? We are out in country with houses around and think most of us have at least 1/2 acre, love it out here, views are incredible, Co river is only about 2 miles south of us. We have 5 chickens.
    I’m not a person to live with houses right close, lived in condo/town house in San Diego area for 9 yrs. and put up with neighbors not so nice. When we sold our place in 92 we moved to 20 acres on Canyon Ferry Lake south of Helena, MT. where we lived for 7 yrs. then we moved to 1 1/2 acres out in country north of Bowling Green, KY. My oldest son bought place, completely redid house and sold to us for $55,000. So when we moved here to see what prices were we were bit shocked, to say the least. I Loved that house so much, still miss it but climate there was killer for me with asthma, allergies and arthritis. So after 5 yrs. we moved here to Grand Junction area.
    I would so love to be able to take doors off our cupboards but it’s so durned dusty and dirty out here just not an option. I’d love to take middle portion of cupboard doors out but would need something dirt can’t go thru and can’t afford glass I want. Was thinking of those metal panels used for radiators but dirt could still get thru all the holes unless we backed them with something. We have so much wind out here it’s hard to keep things clean or dusted, it’s relentless all year.
    Will you use same dark stain as your blogger friend? It looked really nice, depends if you like dark cupboards or if you get lots of light in your kitchen?. Our counter tops are awful also. so love to get butcher block. I did see on somebody’s blog post few months ago that used laminate flooring as counter tops. It turned out so nice. We have 3 boxes of laminate out in shed I’d love to use, why not, won’t cost us anything. How bad could it be compared to what we have now? Hubs has been resistant to idea since I told him about it. sheesh.
    I can hardly wait to see how your kitchen turns out. Will look forward to seeing it when done. You really have inspired me with your post and photos.
    Good luck to you. Will you do it all yourself or have your hubs help? Many times I’d rather do jobs myself then let hubs see how it turned out after but he’s home all the time dad-gum it. I’d rip out awful carpet also, it’s that high low mingled colors nasty stuff. I have rugs on most of it to cover it up somewhat anyway. Hubs says we need to keep carpet to help keep floors warm in winter since we don’t have a foundation, rats.
    Sorry for this being so long. Guess was on roll after reading your post. good luck to you. Happy weekend It’s been raining over on this side also for 3 week now and another week of rain expected. Yuk.

    • So nice to hear form you Jane Ellen!
      Yes, the dust is insane and I have thought about that open shelving-gorgeous, but I am afraid of the dust! I love the idea of using your laminate flooring to redo counters! Why not? I just laid some on the floor in our camper and can’t believe how good it looks. My husband is open to any of my schemes but does not like to help with many of them-so the cabinets will be all me unless I bribe him with something really good;)
      hugs, Kim!

  7. Thanks SO much, Kim!! You’re the sweetest to feature my kitchen <3 I can't wait to see how yours turns out – you've got this!! 🙂

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