Cozy Christmas Family Room

Cozy Christmas Comfortable and EAsy Falimy Room from TMTOMH

So, I decorated my family rrom before Christmas and this isthe first time I have had time to make it neat and organized enough to photograph it!

Holiday FAmily Room 14 copy

We LIVE in this room. It is wide open into our kitchen and eating space and it is where we spend 90% of our awake time. It is also quite cozy and small with no room for any type of Christmas tree (that's in our equally small living room). We get creative with the decor because I want it to feel festive even without a tree. My mantle is a working canvas. I have my old fence and larry the deer up there all the time. I love it and just decorate around it for each holiday and season.

Holiday FAmily Room 5 copy

I bought the stocking holders and garland at Hobby Lobby after Christmas last year for 70% off! YAY. I got these stockings this year because I am just so into neutral right now.

Holiday FAmily Room 1 copy

The mercury glass light string is my all time favorite holiday decoration we have. I have them on day and night because I can't get enough.

Holiday FAmily Room 20 copy

I found these little lanterns at Target for half off at the end of summer. I guess they are for your patio, but I feel like they make our room feel warm and inviting for the winter.

Holiday FAmily Room 7 copy

The little deer is also from hobby Lobby and he is the favorite of the kids. I usually can't find it because they have been playing with him and he was abandoned on the basement stairs mid flight.

Holiday FAmily Room 13 copy

The stool is from Decor Steals and I stole it from our craft table in the loft because it was the only thing to fit in this small space next to the loveseat. It was driving me crazy that there wasn't a surface to set my drink when I was sitting there.

Holiday FAmily Room 8 copy

This frame always has a chalkboard print in it. I have one for every holiday and season and just switch them out as needed. SUPER easy decorating! The eye chart calendar is another score from Decor Steals and my coffee filter pomanders fit right into my Christmas decorating.

Holiday FAmily Room 2 copy

I found these adorable red arrow pillow covers at and while they aren't exactly CHRISTMAS the red pop of color makes me feel happy and energized. The gray snowflake pillows are from Hobby Lobbby.

Holiday FAmily Room 4 copy

I have this little tray on our big coffee table and am surprised the kids haven't just tossed it into the garage to make more room for puzzles and drawing. This is my favorite wintertime photo of us from last year and the silver bells are from Dollar Tree. I buy a new Holiday frame every year and frame my favorite photo from that season. I have them all over the house from the past 7 years.

Holiday FAmily Room 3 copy

These little mercury glass candles are a simple addition to  the media dresser . The stick tree is a Target buy and I still can't decide if I love it or hate it. I mean its sticks with lights on the branch tips. What do you think?

Holiday FAmily Room 10 copy

I am trying to enjoy every second before I have to take it all down and go back to less bling and start studded lighting. My home always feels so naked after the holidays.

Holiday FAmily Room 9 copy

I hope you are all cozy and warm enjoying this season with your families and friends!

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  1. Mary Francis says:

    I like the tree. Its clean lines go nicely with the pillows and the décor. You could call it your token Christmas tree:) As always, thanks for sharing, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. I love all your creative decor! I hope that when I have a home for myself I can be as creative was you are. Having a roommate it is a little hard to combine both tastes! I love your tree though, I don’t know why but i have always had a little love for little Charlie Brown Christmas Trees, it somehow makes everything a little more festive! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. First off, thank you for hosting the link party today! 🙂 I’m veeerrrrrryyyyyy new to this whole blogging thing, and find them super helpful! Is there any advice you could give me, anything you wish you knew when you first started that would be helpful?? I love your blog 🙂 You’ve done a great job! Thank you in advance, annndddd I love your living room. The mantle… to die!

    • Thanks Jamie! I have to say linking up to every linky party you can find is a GREAT way to grow your blog. Leaving comments and building relationships is great too.

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