Record Album Chalkboard Sign

Last year I saw this amazing mantle from Life as a Thrifter and decided I needed to stock up on Christmas albums when I found them at thrift stores. I remembered for about 3 months and then completely forgot to keep looking for albums. Yesterday, I remembered that I had about 5 and  should jump ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday-The Finale

You know. almost everything I do is Earth friendly. I usually recycle, upcyle, reuse, or revamp old stuff for every project I tackle. So, let's just say bye bye to Earth Day Thursday and make every day Earth Day-like that slogan, you know? You will still be getting your fill of Earth friendly crafts, ideas, ... continue reading

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Apothecary

Last weekend we spent some time at our friend's cabin in Buena Vista, Colorado.  It is a small and super cute town in central Colorado. While driving through the town on Friday afternoon I spotted a thrift store and managed to con the husband and kiddies into playing at the park next door, while I ... continue reading

8-Track Tape Clock Tutorial

What up my 70's loving friends? I told you I snatched every last 8-Track tape my thrift store had in stock. The clerk was impressed that I still had an 8-Track player and when I told her that sadly I did not, but I was going to turn these tapes into I-Pod docks and clocks ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday – Use What You Got

Found some old metal rulers in a friends garage-she didn't want them-I DID! I've been sitting on them for a while now, just waiting for something fun and I decided to make a star. This is a total "use what you got" project. So after hot gluing the rulers to form the star, I hit ... continue reading