Upcycled Brown Paper Bag Spider Webs

brown paper bag upcycle spider webs from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands 6

If you caught Main Ingredient Monday this week you may have seen this addition to my Halloween Paper Craft collection. I was trying to make some of these spider webs with black plastic trash bags and it was a disaster. The plastic was so staticy and tangled and I kept ripping it. When I saw ... continue reading

Upcycled Shutter Halloween Decor

DIY BOO Shutter Decoration from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands too-much-time.com #halloween #decoration #indoor #outdoor #craft #DIY 5

Last year I found this 2 pack of old plastic shutters at the thrift store. Last summer I turned one into a fiun flag decoration, but the other one has  been hanging out in my garage. I decided to make a little vertical hanging "BOO" sign for Halloween, but everywhere I hung it looked lame. ... continue reading

Old Crate Fall Sign

Easy DIY Fall Crate Sign from (TMTOMH) Too Much Time on My Hands feature

When I saw this amazing fall porch from Taryn at Design, Dining, and Diapers I totally fell in love! That giant pallet sign jumped right out at me and I knew I needed to figure out something similar. I needed something smaller for my front porch because it is cozy up there. I yanked a ... continue reading

Outdoor End Table Upcycle

Outdoor Waterproof Patio  End Table from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands Square

I am on a mission to make my miniscule back yard a cozy entertaining space wehre the whole family can enjoy time together. Did I mention it was tiny...right  I did. I made these awesome outdoor solar lamps  and chalkboard serving tray last week and really needed a place to put them that wasn't on ... continue reading

Patriotic Project Round-Up

Patriotic Party Decor Ideas for Memorial Day and 4th of July  l  Too Much Time on My Hands copy

  I have been having so much fun preparing for the patriotic season that is beginning with Memorial Day in a couple of weeks. I put together a collection of my favorite Red, White, and Blue crafts for all of you parties, BBQ's, and picnics. I have three old shutters in my garage and it ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday- Dresser Drawers

20 crafts and projects - repurpose, reuse, and upcycle old dresser drawers 120

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects A fewweeks ago I did a Main Ingredient Monday on cool new ways to use dressers. While doing that research I stumbled upon new ways to reuse dresser drawers and realized it deserved a whole post all ... continue reading

Upcycled Shutter Flag

Shutter upcycle project- Flag decor for Memorial Day or 4th of July  l  Too Much Time on My Hands 5

I have had three old shutters hanging out in my "junk" pile in my garage for the past 2 years. I just saw something on Facebook the other day that said something about all you need for invention is a good pile of junk-and it's so true. When I am feeling creative and don't have ... continue reading

main ingredient monday-computer upcycles

20 computer upcycle ideas

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects I feel like after just one year a computer is out of date and there are newer and more exciting models that people jump for. While I am not in a position to get a new computer ... continue reading

Patriotic DIY Chalkboards

Patriotic DIY Framed Chalkboards  l  Too Much Time on My Hands 120 copy

Don't you just love the versatility of chalkboards? I may just be obsessed....am I alone here? I have them all over my house and I really love using them for parties. Change out the message to fit your needs. Maybe a welcome message for guests, your menu, or directions to meet you out back for ... continue reading

Cereal Box Star Tutorial

DIY Patriotic Mantle using old cereal boxes and scrap fabric l Too Much Time on My Hands 120

I am still getting ready for the patriotic season! Last week I gathered up all of our old cereal boxes and made these super cute stars. It couldn't have been an easier and cheaper project. I love the idea of making some for the Christmas season as well. I traced big and large stars onto ... continue reading