Camping Handwashing Station

This is nothing short of brilliance....changing my entire camping life. I found some versions of this in camping hack posts on Pinterest. I ransacked my garage and went shopping for one item and decided to take all of my supplieson our campout last weekend and see how I could make a handwashing station work for ... continue reading

Toolbox Repurpose

When I'm strolling through thrift stores, there are certain items I find hard to resist. Brass lamps, gigantic picture frames, cute little end tables, and toolboxes. Are there certain items that just call out to you while hunting for deals? When I was shopping for a brass lamp (shocker), this solid wooden toolbox caught my ... continue reading

Easy Silver Striped Outdoor Lanterns

Do you have overflowing recycle bins every week like we do? Even though it's being recycled, it just bugs me to have so much waste. I've been working on creating a cozy and inviting patio space  this summer using lighting and furniture.  I just knew that I would be able to fit some old jars ... continue reading

Outdoor End Table Upcycle

I am on a mission to make my miniscule back yard a cozy entertaining space wehre the whole family can enjoy time together. Did I mention it was tiny...right  I did. I made these awesome outdoor solar lamps  and chalkboard serving tray last week and really needed a place to put them that wasn't on ... continue reading

DIY Outdoor Solar Lamp DIY

It is high time for more summer entertaining and I had to do something about my patio lighting situation! We have only one outlet on the wrong end of our yard, so I had to get creative and figure out a solution. I always see ugly old brass lamps at the thrift store and I ... continue reading

Patriotic Project Round-Up

  I have been having so much fun preparing for the patriotic season that is beginning with Memorial Day in a couple of weeks. I put together a collection of my favorite Red, White, and Blue crafts for all of you parties, BBQ's, and picnics. I have three old shutters in my garage and it ... continue reading

Upcycled Shutter Flag

I have had three old shutters hanging out in my "junk" pile in my garage for the past 2 years. I just saw something on Facebook the other day that said something about all you need for invention is a good pile of junk-and it's so true. When I am feeling creative and don't have ... continue reading

Chalkboard Serving Tray

Hands down my favorite project of the past few months. It was cheap, easy, and fast. Like SUPER fast. The finished tray is about 2 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet and I will be using this at every single party I have from now on! Summer entertaining is huge and I am always looking ... continue reading

Mason Jar Flag Vases

Don't we all just love mason jars? I use them to drink out of  and for my kids lunch boxes because they are so sturdy. But they are so much more than just a workhorse. What kinds of jar projects have you made? Last week I made these little No. 2 Pencil Jars as end ... continue reading

Patriotic DIY Chalkboards

Don't you just love the versatility of chalkboards? I may just be I alone here? I have them all over my house and I really love using them for parties. Change out the message to fit your needs. Maybe a welcome message for guests, your menu, or directions to meet you out back for ... continue reading