10 Easy Spring Crafts and Projects You Can Do Today

I can not even believe I have been blogging for over four years! Holy Cow! I went back and looked through some of my favorite spring projects to share with you today. Because I have spring fever and I have it bad. I am infusing nature and color all over our house right now to ... continue reading

Scrap Fabric Chevron Wreath DIY

Is it just me or does anyone else have THE HARDEST time with wreaths? There is only a tiny amount of space between my two doors so it needs to be flat. The western setting sun BEATS on this door and melts any type of glue or adhesive product. This severely limits my options. I ... continue reading

Spring Fever Rolled Paper Dahlia

February 15 and I was ripping down the Valentine's Decorations and scrounging for anything spring to take it's place! It's official, I have it... SPRING FEVER It's no wonder either. It has been between 60-70 degrees for the past few weeks here in Denver and I feel so spoiled. I can go to the mountains ... continue reading

Patriotic Project Round-Up

  I have been having so much fun preparing for the patriotic season that is beginning with Memorial Day in a couple of weeks. I put together a collection of my favorite Red, White, and Blue crafts for all of you parties, BBQ's, and picnics. I have three old shutters in my garage and it ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday- Free Teacher Gift Printables

I have been seeing so many amazingly cute and thoughtful teacher gifts around blog land lately. Since I am too busy/lazy to create something on my own, I decided to take advantage of other peoples creativity and generosity! An end of year gift does not need to be expensive or grand. Just a small gesture ... continue reading

Cardboard Box Upcycle into a Planter Box

Are you tired yet, because I sure am. We have been awash in cardboard upcycling for Earth Day! THINK OUTSIDE THE CARDBOARD BOX I actually have loved doing this "series" and feel like it could go on forever. The possibilities of what to do with a cardboard box are truly endless. I made a memo ... continue reading

Decorate Your Eggs with Sharpies

I just love using Sharpies in my crafting, anyone else? They are so versatile and work on almost any surface. I decided to but some ceramic type of eggs for this project and I love that these eggs will last forever, or until one of the kids breaks them. I just did some random designs. ... continue reading

(over) 365 Recycle & Upcycle Projects for Earth Day!

I always love recycling and using old materials in my projects and crafts.Mostly because it's cheap, but also because I am saving things from the garbage dump. These are collections of projects from me and tons of inspired and creative people out there working to create beautiful things while being respectful of our Earth Now, ... continue reading

Bundt Pan Umbrella Planter

EASY, EASY, EASY! This project was so simple and I just love the pop of color on my patio table now! I have been searching for the planters that fit around your umbrela on your patio table and was not happy with the prices I found.  I didn't want anything too big, but was hoping ... continue reading

Upcycled Tin Can Planters

AHA- It was 70 degrees last weekend and I am so ready for spring. I am pretty sure everyone feels the same as we do! The smell of the soil and dirt under my fingernails felt awesome. I like this little project because it was quick, easy, and inexpensive. I hit the recycle bin for ... continue reading