Back to School Blessing- Freebie!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Office Depot, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirestudents I just love back to school time! I used to be a teacher, love crafting, and have little kids. As all of those stars aline and I am ... continue reading

Valentine’s Games Free Printables

I am such a dork, but I am really excited to be in charge of planning my daughter's first grade school Valentine's party. I couldn't help with Halloween, which is just as well because I don't really like Halloween anyway (don't hate me). I know I want to divide the kids into 3 groups and ... continue reading

Wizard of Oz Quote-Freebie

I am making  a little sign for my new bedroom gallery wall and stumbled upon this quote from Glenda the Good Witch, I feel like it is a good way to start each day. To be reminded that you have the power to control and change your life, right now, today! So I created this ... continue reading

Over 200+ Free Printable Gift Tags

I was thinking to myself I should design some cute holiday tags for this gift giving season and then I remembered a post I did a while back with lots of free printable tags. When I went back through them I found about 75 that I was in love with and decided, why bother! There ... continue reading

Cupcake Decorating Kit

Boy, this is a busy time of year for gifts, teachers, mom's, coaches, dads.... I want to show everyone how much we love them, but I can't break the bank to express our gratitude either. I did a post on some ideas for teacher appreciation and end of the year gifts and I chose one ... continue reading

Classroom Baby Shower

My daughter's Kindergarten teacher is having a baby! The kids are mesmerized and so excited about it that we decided we had to throw together a little celebration! We made the kids a big part of it and their little faces were shining with pride throughout the entire party! A few weeks before the party we ... continue reading

Girlie Owl FREE Party Printables!

One of my very best friends in the whole world is having her first baby. Amy has a super sweet natural and outdoorsey owl theme going on in the nursery and we decided to carry that over to the shower as well. I am lucky enough to be part of the shower planning committee and ... continue reading

Free Graphics, Images, Clip Art, and More

Do you  hate paying for graphics too? I am kinda cheap all the way around, but man, I get extra excited when I find a new cache of free graphics I can use for my crafting and blog design. I decided to share the wealth and let you all in on my fave spots to ... continue reading

Get Schooled Saturday #34

Happy Weekend everyone! A big thanks for stopping by to spend some of your weekend here with me! You are not going to believe what I am doing this weekend..... NOTHING My amazing husband took the kids camping. Like, without me.He is with some of his college buddies and their kids and it is going ... continue reading

Free Printable Paper Dolls-Lots and Lots

My daughter has become a doll hound. Any kind of doll and accessory is good with her. Her room is perpetually "decorated" for and with her barbies, stuffed animals, and baby dolls. I found these little Dutch girls and she spotted them and got all excited about printing them and cutting them out. Then a ... continue reading