My Arvada Press Interview

Ahhh, my small community is really enjoying our fame in Better Homes and Gardens! Well, me too. I live in Arvada, right on the outskirts of Denver and the BH&G article mentioned our lil town and it is fun for us to feel famous. I had so much fun talking with Sara and sharing all ... continue reading

Style Spotter Post on BH&G

I am so happy to be guest posting on the Style Spotter blog on Better Homes and Gardens today! Again, such an honor to be associated with Better Homes and Gardens AND so much fun to share my top moments of the entire experience with their followers. It was fun to share the reality of ... continue reading

And It’s Official….

What an amazingly blessed, exciting, crazy, and joyful experience this roller coaster this has been. I received my magazines in the mail today and I am just in shock. I was you know... here when they took the photos, I scoured the house to within an inch of it's life, I slaved away on 15 ... continue reading

Better Homes and Gardens Photo Shoot – Part 2

READ PART 1 HERE I was about as excited for this  once in a lifetime photo shoot as I was for 2 days of kid-free  adult time. I didn't have to worry about making sure people peed and had their naps on time...I just had to worry about me. I went to Whole Foods and ... continue reading

My (say, what?) Yes, My Better Homes and Gardens Shoot-Part 1

(Yup, 2 parts, indulge me in my 5 minutes of fame:) Let, me paint you a picture...its mid May and I innocently opened my e-mail over a cup of steaming coffee and the first message that pops up is titled, "A Potential Better Homes and Gardens Story" first thought was, this is a joke. ... continue reading