The Dresser That Almost Wasn’t….


Oh this dresser.... I had such big dreams and thought it would be such an easy easy redo. Well, I am here to tell you IT WAS NOT. AND it is still not perfect, but I just give up! My dreams were to take off the doors and have the drawers displayed and add baskets ... continue reading

What Should I Do With This Dresser?

photo 1

I haven't done a furniture project in a LONG time and I have been itching for a good one. My husband's bedroom dresser has not been working well for him. It was one of my very first projects four years ago. The drawrs have always stuck and been wonky, there isn't really enough room for ... continue reading

Amazing Dresser Makeovers with Hometalk


Dresser makeovers are probably my favorite project to do. Thery are SO versatile and the design and makeover possibilities are endless. I found a fabulous bunch of makeovers and created a Dresser Makeover Board with Hometalk to inspire me. I just realized that it was possible to add a "Click to Hometalk" button on your ... continue reading

upcycled painted bench with frog tape

Delicate Surface Frog Tape Upcycled Bench Project from TMTOMH (Too Much Time on My Hands) 120

This post brought to you by FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape. All opinions are 100% mine. I am a HUGE fan of upcycling and reusing materials every chance I get. I have had this ugly little bench in my garage for about 2 years and it was ready to come out of hiding and into the ... continue reading

Chalkboard Dresser Redo

Chalk paint and chalkboard dresser redo feature

This little beauty was adrift in the depths of a local thrift store. It was only $9.99! I adore the curves, but I was a bit scared of that terrible shipping tape someone had used to hold the drawers in. Well, that tape was the toughest part of this whole redo! I went to town ... continue reading

Electrical Spool Upcycle

Electrical Spool Upcycle from Too Much Time On My Hands Feature

The office is finished! My husbands, industrial chic office is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y done! He really seems to like it, so much so that he has made himself SUPER comfortable (read-messy) and I can't even get good pics of the final room! Hopefully he (or I) will be able to clean up this weekend so I can ... continue reading

Rad Mustard Yellow Dresser

Dresser Redo from Too Much Time On My Hands feature

It started with this end table I did a few months back... It moved into my guest room and then I ended up having to change everything! I painted the walls, created a chalk art sign, a pallet sign, and then redid this dresser to match! I used the same yellow as the end table ... continue reading

Houndstooth Vanity Chair

Houndstooth Vanity Chair From Too Much Time On My Hands Feature Image

I know someone's going to be angry about this one! Yes, the wood was still in good shape, and yes I know I have probably ruined some priceless antique, but in my defense, I just couldn't help myself. It was marked as $19.99, but it was half off yellow tags and my lucky day! I ... continue reading

Meet My Living Room

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I took full advantage of my ultra clean, organized, and kid free home last week! I took pics of every room, so you will like, you know, feel at home here with me. This room hardly ever gets used, but it is right off of our entry so we look at it a lot. Therefore, ... continue reading

My Dining Room

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As I sat here in my very quiet and very clean house waiting for Better Homes and Gardens to arrive a thought popped into my head. My house will never be this organized, clean, and "together" as it is this very second. So, I hopped up and started snapping photos. I would like to introduce ... continue reading