20 Springtime Essential Oil Diffuser Blends- Main Ingredient Monday

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects We have replaced all of our toxic candles with essential oil diffusers.  One diffuser and we can create tons of beautiful scents to fill our home with the scents of every season. We are safe and gaining ... continue reading

DIY Natural Scrub Cleaner with Video Tutorial

It is no secret that I love my Young Living essential oils for SO MANY reasons! After our kids were born, my husband and I really started focusing on a healthier and more natural lifestyle. It started with organic foods and slowly turned into ditching toxic items and turning to safe and effective alternatives. We ... continue reading

Valentine’s Day DIY Make and Take Party- FREEBIES

How fun is Valentine's Day? All about love and kindness and candy and flowers. We are making all of these fun DIY gifts this week at our monthly make and take and I had to share the recipes and labels so you all can try some of these goodies out! We only use Young Living ... continue reading

Girls Night Out – Essential Oils Make and Take

  The holidays were so crazy and busy and we spend so much time focusing on others. I decided to host a make and take class for my friends to make some pampering products just for us. Young Living essential oils are a huge part of our everyday lives. We use them from the moment ... continue reading

Cottage Cheese Pancakes- Gluten Free and Delicious

And we have a winner folks! These pancakes are so delicious, while still being healthy and full of good real ingredients that you can pronounce! My son detests cottage cheese and I really went out on a limb letting him help me make them and see what went into my food processor. He was a ... continue reading

Winter Survival Kit Make and Take with Free Recipes and Printables

I know it's still officially Autumn, but I want to be prepared! This month we had a Winter Survival Kit Make and Take Class so everyone has what they need to support immune systems and stay as healthy as we can as winter is approaching. These are the recipes and pricing I used for our ... continue reading

Young Living Fall Make and Take-Free Printables & Recipes

  Hands down this is my favorite Make and Take event all year! I mean people go bananas for Pumpkin SPice everything and we decided to do it witout toxic chemicals! I made some fall themed snacks using essential oils for everyone to enjoy. Pumpkin Spice Loaf with Nana and Pop Pop's Homemade Apple Butter ... continue reading

Nana and Pop-Pop’s Delicious Apple Butter Recipe

I have such beautiful memories of my Nana and Pop Pop harvesting, freezing, and canning from their immense gardens. They prepared enough vegetables for themselves and their three daughter's families for the whole year, every year, for like 20 years. I didn't even now vegetables came in cans until I got to college! A few ... continue reading

Natural Focus and Calm DIY Recipe

    Back to School-YAY! My kids are in First and Third grades and so happy to be back with friends, in their routine, and learning again. My son works really  hard to stay on task and focus while at school and while at home. As a former first grade teacher and now that I ... continue reading

Lunch Box Spray for Kids and Grown Ups

We have our first week of school under our belt and everyone is SO happy...including Mommy;) One thing that is always on my mind when the kids go back to school is staying healthy! We have been extra careful and doing all we can to keep everyone in tip top shape and our immune systems ... continue reading