Earth Day Thursday-Spring’s Coming, Start Your Seeds

Let me paint you a picture.... Every year about this time I get spring fever, start cleaning up the yard, going through my pots, and planning my garden for the summer. I am so excited in fact that I start planting seeds. Not a few mind you, like a lot. Have I mentioned my miniscule ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Double Duty Plants

It was a 60 degree blue sky day in Denver yesterday. I'm not trying to gloat or anything, just setting the scene for the post.  I was breezing through Home Depot looking for metal picture hangers when a BIG sign caught my eye, GIANT POTTED PALMS - $12.99 I guess it was the feeling of ... continue reading

Rusty, Crusty, Dirty, Creaky Springs

I am just loving rusty springs. So much so, that I ordered some from Angela at Knick Of Time and now I need to figure out exactly what I should do with them. Check out all of this goodness. Click on the photo to go to the source. Simple and Rustic Vase Industrial Lighting Flower ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday – Essential Oil Recipes

I started really using essential oils when my daughter was a newborn. When she was congested, I would diffuse Eucalyptus Radiata while she slept and it was heavenly. Then when I switched to cloth diapers, I started making my own baby diaper spray instead of buying wipes. Now, I have bottles all over the house and ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday-Newspaper Gift Bags

  ***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** This is my VERY first post written in WordPress, so bear with me. OK, I am not gonna lie, this is like my favorite project in a while. I made little gift bags out of old newspapers! AND, I totally stole the idea from How About Orange You need to go ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Old Fence or Amazing Headboard?

"That wood? Right there? With all the splinters and rusty broken nails sticking out of it? You are going to use that for a headboard?" Um, yeah... "I don't think that's what you want to use for a headboard." Tell me I can't do something and look at what happens! I even mounted our bedside ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Save the Big Wooden Spools

I know jealousy is a terrible quality, however I have been sweating all of the electrical and cable spool upcycles I have seen around blog town lately. I was so sad, because I have no access to them, never see them lying about, don't have any connection to big electrician or cable installers. Well, lookee ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- 20 Upcycling Projects

Good morning to all you "greenies" out there! Here is a great collection of fun and innovative eco-friendly recycling and upcycling ideas! I always like to see what creative types can do with regular old, "junk." Click on the link to go to the source. Upcycled Milk Jug Pouch Tree Swing  (from a broken chair) ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Buying any kind of new wood furniture is like insane to me. You can find such amazing and sturdy pieces in thrift stores, at garage sales, and on craigslist every day. A little TLC can reveal something way more unique, interesting and earth friendly than what you will buy new in a store.  I had ... continue reading