Earth Day 2013 Freebies & Deals for April 22

This year, Earth Day is Monday, April 22, 2013. It is such a great opportunity to think about what we are doing and how we are affecting our planet...for better or for worse. Last week, I put together 365 Earth Friendly crafts and projects to keep us busy for a while. Lucky for us some ... continue reading

365 Crafts & Projects for Earth Day

Oh, that's right, I said I do a little feature each week called Main Ingredient Monday. Every Monday, I take 1 item and find 20 great ways to use it. It is almost always an upcycling, recycling, or reusing project. Now these are not bright blue and green projects, these are projects and crafts that ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday-The Finale

You know. almost everything I do is Earth friendly. I usually recycle, upcyle, reuse, or revamp old stuff for every project I tackle. So, let's just say bye bye to Earth Day Thursday and make every day Earth Day-like that slogan, you know? You will still be getting your fill of Earth friendly crafts, ideas, ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Eco Crafts

I need some new inspiration for environmentally friendly and nature inspired crafts. Since I needed I figured you wouldn't mind coming along for the ride! This nature time capsule from BH & G is quick easy and totally original! A cute birdhouse from a soda bottle. I really love how it is decorated in natural ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- My New OBSESSION… Burlap

I am freaking insane over burlap. Did you catch my post on Monday? I love the idea of reusing old coffee sacks and environmentally friendly burlap for my projects. Burlap is made from jute and jute is a fast growing crop which is harvested annually. Burlap is grown in warm and humid climates which makes ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Bread Box Planter

Do you believe I was ridiculously sick last weekend? Like so sick I didn't do one darn thing I wanted to do for Earth Day. My daughter and I were laid out from Friday till Tuesday. BOOOOOOO Onto bigger and brighter things, spring is here, although it feels like summer in Denver it was almost ... continue reading

Sunday is Earth Day-Snag Your Freebies and Deals

Earth Day Thursday here again today and this is one exciting post for me. I love celebrating the ways we can be friendlier to our Earth and I surely love some swag so here ya go!!! *** I will keep adding to the top of this list as more deals are posted-so check back*** Mark ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- 20 Earth Day Activities, Crafts, & Ideas

Did you know Earth Day is April 22? I have been looking all over creation for some fun ways to celebrate the day and I hope I can inspire you to celebrate with your family in some small way too! Use an old milk carton and wrap it in strips of torn burlap to create ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday-Small Area Gardening Ideas

Spring Fever anyone? You got it? I got it! The tulips are popping, my hyacinths have bloomed, and I have been seeing some very fun and unique gardening ideas that I need to share! I have the tiniest yard in the universe and have had to get creative in order to make good use of ... continue reading

Earth Day Thursday- Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

I was buying this at Whole Foods for my general counter top clean up needs. Then I was using just vinegar and water, but I felt like I need a bit more cleaning power. Now this is what I am using. I am loving it. I grabbed the Borax a while back to make my ... continue reading