XO Arrow Valentine’s Plaque

xo wooden arrow valentine plaque from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands FEATURE

Valentine's Day is good for bringing in some lively pops of red around our home. Just when winter is getting blah and draggy a little red really wakes it all up! I started with a ready to finish piece of wood from Hobby Lobby-now a more professional and talented DIY'er could just grab any old ... continue reading

Sweet DIY Valentine’s Gift

Easy Grandparent Photo Gift-Grandkids Photo Plaque from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands 3

If you are looking for a thoughtful and sweet way to show people in your life how much you love them, you might want to give this quick and easy DIY a try. It would be perfect for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Just change out the word to fit your needs. I bought this plain ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday- DIY Paper Valentine’s

20 non Candy Ideas for Valentine's Day, cards, decorations, treats, classroom 1

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects I love making our own DIY Valentine's every year. It's always fun to include a little snack or treat, but I am NOT a fan of candy overload. We always try to find a non candy option. There ... continue reading

Valentine’s Day Tree

Shimmery Valentine's Day Logo Ornaments with Brother P-Touch labeler from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands 15

While we were playing with our label maker last week (check out my ORGANIZED pantry!)  and trying to invent new ways to use it...because it's so awesome...we stumbled upon our little Christmas tree from our front porch decorations. I just knew I had some empty glass ornaments somewhere, so we hunted around to find them ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday- Cereal Boxes

20 ways to recycle, reuse, and upcycle cereal, snack, granola, and soda boxes from TMTOMH too-much-time 2

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects I was just thinking of using an old cereal box to make a Valentine's decoration and started wondering how many ways there are floating around out there to upcycle those babies! I got to thinking about all ... continue reading

Main Ingredient Monday- 20 Valentine’s Paper Crafts

20 Valentine's Day paper crafts and projects square

Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday! 1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects Do all of you have piles of craft and scrapbook paper lying around? I always have lots of pieces and bits from past projects-we save everything. That's why I loe paper crafts, especially with my kids. On ... continue reading

Best of 2014


This is always such a fun post to write! I can not believeve...CAN NOT BELIEVE...I am closing in on my 4 year blogging anniversary. It is so exciting to look back on my most popular and favorite posts each year. I love what I do and it wouldn't be possible without readers coming back day ... continue reading

Dollar Store Framed Ornament Wreath

Dollar Store framed Christmas ornament wreath from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands f

I have such issues with my front door and any type of  wreath I try to hang. #1 There is virtually NO space between the main door and the screen door. Everytime I try to make a wreath, I go to hang it up and discover the door will not close becasue the wreath is ... continue reading

Natural Winter Skin Cream Recipe and Free Printables

All natural dry winter skin lotion with coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax with Young Living essential oils Lavender, Melros, and Frankincense from TMTOMH f

I have had no less than 4 people ask me about  some good all natural lotion for winter skin. I was using coconut oil with some Young Living essential oils mixed in, but even for me, my skin just wasn't as soft as I want it to be. I went on to my favorite websites ... continue reading

Easy Sprinkle FIlled Mini Ornaments

Easy Sprinkle Filled Christmas Ornaments from TMTOMH Too Much Time on My Hands F

My children had off all last week for Thanksgiving and I wanted to plan some fun projects and activities for us to do together. I thought this was going to be so much fun and couldn't wait to get started! Well, in the end it turned into Mommy doing the project and kids watching, but ... continue reading